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21 Jan 2023

Coins and You! Why do you collect?

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Some may say this article is beating a dead horse, a bad record, or whatever metaphor you use to describe repeating things. But every now and then, your job manager (or consultant) asks you to reconsider your purpose in a company. Do the same with your collecting habits too. Why do I collect coins? So I can...

...so I can...

...collect old pieces of our nations history!

If you've read some of my older blogs (States, a history of, etc.) you notice I go very much in depth into the history that surrounded the times when these coins where rolling fresh off the mint dies. For some people, this factor is what lures them into coin collecting. Take, for example, a 1895 CC Morgan Dollar. At its face, its just another Morgan Silver Dollar (albeit EXTREMELY valuable), one that rolled off the mint dies during the hardscrabble days of our nation. But consider the turn of the century. These dollars where frequent gambling tokens out in west, where hard, physical metal was still preferred over flimsy paper cash (to be fair, I prefer them over the credit card. Something about physical cash). That coin could have been won by a rich man, who would lose it in a Louisiana Casino somewhere. He could have dropped it in Jackson Square, picked up by a speakeasy owner, then eventually, somewhere along the lines, may have gotten slabbed and end in the hands of YOU! (I say slabbed, because most good examples are slabbed by third-parties). This uncertainity and sense of wonder draws many people into the hobby.

...collect coins to make cash off them later!

This coin collecting allure lures many older adults into the hobby, who want to shore up their investment portfolios with something other than a large number on a spreadsheet. Gold and silver, moreso, gold, is one of the few material goods in history to retain its value over time. Ancient kings salavated over the metal. Miners in California and Georgia rushed hundreds and thousands of miles for the slim chance of getting some of the metal. This drive of money drives some collectors today. The allure of gold, whose price is steadily rising up.

...educate others!

Yes, even the ICONICCoins cringe is trying to educate, someone, I guess. Even if you are trying to trick and deceive, I guess you educated someone on basic household cleaners... *ERROR SOUND*...
On a more serious note, some people do collect rare coins. But not for their own personal glory. They collect these coins so they can show others. Maybe attract a few new fresh faces into the hobby. Why do I show some of my favorite coins to my friends? Its because I love this hobby deeply. I want the hobby to grow. So I expose my friends to them. And maybe one day, they will buy that quarter collector at Barnes and Noble and search their spare change to fill issues with.


And of course, people collect things, because accumilating things and completing a set is fun!

The future is bright for coin collecting. Its good to remember how you started collecting. Remember what you did and how you started. Remember that kid at shows who asked with wonder what everything was? Remember, that was you a while back. Explore that childlike sense of wonder and reconnect with the hobby.


Guess the Song Lyrics: Last Time: Jump-Van Halen

I make my living off the evening news
Just give me something
Something I can use
People love it when you lose



Level 6

Great blog! Enjoyed it very much! It's fun to collect coins... Buying money with money... Whats not to like $$$ haha ; )


Level 6

I waited. Don Henley, Eagles: Dirty Laundry.

Long Beard

Level 5

I haven't referred to my self as a collector for some years, rather a hoard of the shiny metal discs. But I digress. I hoard for the artist aspect followed very closely by the historical. I'm with you on the cash preference. It gives back more shiny stuff!


Level 6

Very well said


Level 6

Great blog. I think you hit on the major reasons for most people. I as a collector have always collected stuff. From bottle caps and cards to numismatic material. Collectors collect. Thanks.


Level 5

Yes, I agree with Mike. Very enjoyable reading. Gets us thinking. Why do we collect coins or numismatic material? I believe collecting most anything is in decline though. Society is changing.


Level 7

I enjoyed this very much . Very well done. You showed hour passion for the hobby. And I will read it again. Because I can identify with your points! Thanks allot my friend. I read it again and you know I collect memorable. and cards. . The cards started when the hall of famer started and there graded!!.

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