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28 Jul 2021

Everything that is in my head right now...

Exonumia | coinfodder

Hey Everybody! This is everything numismatic that is going through my head right now. So, without further ado...

1) What is with the US Mint's packing?

Have y'all gotten your hands on the new Type 2 Silver Eagles Yet? Well, point aside, the coin is pretty, let us tell you that. However, the packing IS THE DEFINITION OF CHEAP. No more nice little container that contains the felt-lined box. Now, the packing is what they use for the commemorative half dollars- open, felt lined little piece of JUNK, and a cardboard cover. Disappointing.

2) Why does the US Mint make us wait 5 months for a coin?

I have asked myself this many times as I wait for our coins to arrive via Snail Mail. The US Mint is very fond of placing out little coins for early (yes, very early) preorder, then making the numismatic faithful wait months. Groan. Stop this cruel practice, and only set your coins to order when you can dish them out right away.

3) Olympics!

With the Tokyo Olympics going on right now, I decided to set the overpriced- fat cat Olympics to scale for the lay person (forgive me, but after hours on the couch watching China beat everybody in Ping Pong, this was one of the few things I was thinking about.

As on June 2021, the price was set at 26 Billion. Wow! Now imagine each dollar as a penny, which is about 1.52 mm thick, and weighs about 2.5 grams. Now please dig out those calculators. The final height of the stupid pile of penny we hoarded: 24,556.59 Miles, towering over every building in Tokyo, including the SkyTree and Tower, combined. That should place an Olympic-sized dent into the ground.

Now, for the weight- at 2.5 grams, and 26 billion of those little suckers, should weigh about 65,000 Metric Tons. Dropped on someone's head would surely be fatal, and punch a nice hole through the Earth. You know what else weighs 65,000 tons? Over 9,000 Elephants. So, Tokyo is spending the equivalent of over 9,000 Elephants, and with no spectators helping to off-set some of those elephants, we can imagine that can get pretty heavy!

Thanks Everyone!

Please ask Numimaster (Preston) for link. I have been providing the editing Link.

Link to TheNumisMaster's website and Centsearchers Newsletter. On his behalf, I am asking for subscribers. It is completely free. -www.numismastery.weebly.com

Guess the Song Lyrics: Last Time:Brick in the Wall, Part II: Pink Floyd

I was caught

In the middle of a railroad track (thunder)

I looked 'round

And I knew there was no turning back (thunder)

My mind raced

And I thought, what could I do? (Thunder)

And I knew

There was no help, no help from you (thunder)

Sound of the drums

Beating in my heart

The thunder of guns

Tore me apart

You've been




Level 6

All really good thoughts! ; ) The almighty question... Whats up with our Mint?


Level 7

I have pondered this for years. First it's not the MINT. It's the Treasury department. They run the mints. They set the price. Ryder takes the orders from the Treasury department and screws everything up. He has to go. Remember the fish stinks at both ends. I have complained so much I'm waiting to be picked up by the secret service. You don't complain they think we're happy. . They didn't fix anything. The silver Proof coin sold out in 17 minutes. I got new messages this time. So the Morgan's and Peace will still be a mess. Why wait to mail the first coins out.? When the others come up for sale I can see coins going to the north pole! So get ready! Longstrider is right with the song!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I thought the fish's head straight now first Mike! Lol


Level 6

I have thought about doing a blog like this one. It makes you think and wonder what is going on. Thanks


Level 5

Not sure what is going on at the mint. The good stuff sells out, and the other stuff over priced? I do have a Mayflower from the mint. A lot dont like it, but I like it. So much product they sell. What to do with it anyway? If I want something, its Ebay and coin shows for me, and certified. I will pay the premium. Can't get it from the mint anyway.

Long Beard

Level 5

Silver closed at just a little over $25 and they're selling you an ounce at a bargain $73. So you expect better packaging? I myself have made a commitment after the Mayflower debacle to not spend any more money on the mint directly so long as David Ryder and several other officers are still employed.


Level 6

Well said!


Level 6

Thunderstruck by AC/DC. Man, you need to quit thinking so much. Have you considered a hobby like stamp collecting? Kidding. Thanks for your thoughts. Look out SUN.


Level 5

I do a little bit of stamp collecting, too!


Level 5

When I tell my dad anything along the lines of "I was thinking" he often tells me "That's dangerous!".


Level 5

Nice blog! Ya, I don't know what's up with the mints packaging, my 2008 bald eagle commemorative silver dollar has a nice felt case, wish they changed to something similar. I mean, even the set of golden eagles is in a cheap box.

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