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12 Sep 2021


Coins-United States | coinfodder

From now on, Coinfodder shall be referred to as The All-Illusive and Holy Coinfodder, God of Coins (OK, that's a little too far).

If Nebraska was a person, she wouldn't win Miss America.

Welcome back, to Fifty States of America! Our car was grounded in Montana, but we finally got the station wagon back and onwards with our journey!

For thousands of years before Europeans arrived, tribes such as the Omaha, Missouria, Ponca, Pawnee, and Otoe, plus a number of Sioux, inhabited the area. The Spanish and the French were the first Europeans in Nebraska, establishing trade with the Apache. After war broke out between the two, Pedro de Villasur was sent on an armed expedition to Nebraska, which ended in Platte County, as French-backed Pawnee and Otoe destroyed them, and any Spanish in Nebraska was destroyed. In 1819, the US built Fort Atkinson. After the Civil War, Nebraska became the stomping ground of the Homesteaders, and the Territory of Nebraska achieved statehood in 1867.

Today, the state of Nebraska is big for the Meat-packing industry, something it gained during the homestead era, and the Great Migration of African Americans from the Deep South. Famous residents include Crazy Horse, Red Cloud, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Johnny Carson.

After three months of not doing this, I still am bothered by writing the next sentence. For the 27th time (groan), when a first-timer numismatist (should I say Hoarder) walks into a bar and sits next to a numismatic, and they talk about Nebraska, they will think of two coins, the 50state and ATB series coins.

The 50state coin is a Oregon Trail Traveler (or homesteader) trekking the Oregon Trail in a wagon, passing Chimney Rock, a national landmark, in the distance.

On the ATB Quarter, is a homesteader's home, representing Homestead National Historical Park.

No classic commems. Let's talk about currency used on the Oregon Trail!

With a hope of starting a new life about 1,200 miles West of Missouri, settlers carried currency only to use at forts such as Laramie or Bridger, in Wyoming and Utah. If you played Oregon Trail, you would have more money based on which class you chose, which was also true in real life. Depending on how rich you where, you would carry more money with you on the trail.

Except the trail made the rich poor. And the poor rich. The trail was the great equalizer. Bandits would steal supplies during the night, maybe with a nice fistful of money. After enough looting, you would be penniless. You would now have to barter, just like the good ole days!

Thanks, everybody! Hopefully, I can push these out once a week.

Please ask Numimaster (Preston) for link. I have been providing the editing Link.

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Guess the Song Lyrics: Last Time: Thunderstruck: AC/DC

As he came into the window
Was the sound of a crescendo
He came into her apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
She ran underneath the table
He could see she was unable
So she ran into the bedroom
She was struck down,
it was her doom

Annie, are you okay?
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So, Annie, are you okay?
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Annie, are you okay?
Will you tell us that you're okay?

There's a sound at the window
Then he struck you, a crescendo Annie
He came into your apartment
He left the bloodstains on the carpet
And then you ran into the bedroom
You were struck down
It was your doom


You've been hit by-You've been hit by-(readacted)



Level 6

Good blog! I really like both of those Nebraska coins!


Level 6

Nice blog. Thaks.


Level 7

Michael Jackson Criminal Lyricks. Those two sets did bring many new collectors to the hobby. Thanks for your indo. It's right on. Good blog!!


Level 6

Boys Town modern commen is a Nebraska re;ated coin


Level 5

Thank you all illusive, and holy coinfodder. Well done again god of coins.

Interesting. Thanks for the blog!

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