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25 Apr 2018

2013 $10 Low Serial # Star Note

Paper Money-U.S. | Jason Crook CPA CFE LLC

Hi Numismatic Community!  Lately I've gotten into the habit of checking my serial #'s of paper currency just for fun!  Also a cost effective way to collect some neat bills. 

I got lucky (I think) and I came across a low serial number $10 bill from 2013.  Anyways I believe it to be a low serial number 42,676 out of well a lot more than that.  So I'm not a big expert on paper money but I did have fun learning about the bill, and wanted to share some of the information I found as well as get some input as to if I should get it graded at PMG or just keep it in a nice safe place.  Only problem with grading will be it will get a details grade because someone at some point stamped the back of it with the "#" sign, not sure why, but it's there.

Anyways learned B2 = New York, there were 313,600,000 $10 notes produced in 2013 for a total of $3,136,000,000!  This note is a start note so from what I understand they are produced to replace serial numbered notes that are damaged during the printing process.

This note also has the "A1" in the bottom left corner to indicate it's plate position was the top left corner, so the very 1st bill of that plate!

Love to hear some comments!

Is it worth saving?  Should it be graded? Any other interesting information?


Jason Crook, CPA, CFE



Level 3

You're really lucky you found that. Good for you!

Thanks for all the comments! For sure a neat note, my favorites are silver coins really, but just glancing at the serial numbers now on my cash has been fun to just see what I get, what really caught my eye was the leading 0's so I decided to hang onto it, glad I did. I may / may not get it graded, I like getting things graded just because it preserves it and also lets family know that it can have value should I leave these to my children, etc. if they're just left in plastic sleeves and I'm not around they're likely to just spend it without knowing it may have more value later on lol. Again thanks for the input!


Level 3

Great looking note great find I do the same thing lol. Found a few interesting notes. Don't bother grading unless your trying to liquidate/sell


Level 6

Looks like a great note! As far as grading...Its up to you. I think I would just keep it in a plastic sleeve for protection. Thanks for sharing with us!


Level 6

That's a nice find. Looks to be in good shape. As far as grading, it's up to you.


Level 6

I neglected to say I do like the bills graded. It's not to mad in price. Give them a call. They are very friendly and helpful. Florida time.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

It doesn’t need to be graded, still a good find


Level 6

Keep looking! Star notes are not seen often. Once I got a $1 bill, serial # all 8's.

I always take a quick look at the serial numbers on my notes too, especially the new ones. Never know what you'll find.


Level 5

Looks like you did some nice research. That is one of those things that you save if you want to. If you get it graded to protect it that would be fine however it may never be worth the cost of grading.


Level 6

It is great to learn from something in circulation. Thanks for the blog!!

Awesome! Thanks for the input Mike! :)


Level 7

Hi I collect them when I get them. I don't send them in. I have a complete set of 2009 missing the two dollar. If or when I get it i will send it in but it has to be crispy no fold marks no edge damage it has to be like the rest. There is one thing I have is time. I like the older ones but again they have to be in good shape. Otherwise I save them in there individual plastic. It's up to you and the condition to get any type price. Lots of luck and keep looking.Mike.

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