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30 Mar 2021

history in your favorite coins

| user_79124

I enjoy silver dollars the most of all coins they are big and full of history there are tons of silver dollars my favorite must be the peace silver doll it is a classic. it was to commemorate the end of world war all it was not used that often, but it is a beautifulcoin it is one I will never lose the obverse side is a unique picture of liberty and the reverse has the American eagle on the back. I also love pennies they are small, and round and it has a unique shine to it that can not be mimicked. My favorite pennies are the Indian cent it is a beautiful coin some people do not know that the person on the front is lady liberty in a native American head dress. Another quick fact about coins is the bison on the buffalo nickel is black diamond from the Bronx zoo. And the person on front is a mix of three different chiefs. The winged liberty dime is my favorite dime because of the fasces on the back. The Roosevelt dime is to commemorate the death of President Roosevelt who died suddenly of a stroke. I have also been working on obtaining all the statehood quarters it is a cool collection of quarters each quarter contains an image of the state. They released five quarters every year going in the order of when the states were made. I also have the full collection of the westward journey series it is in honor of the journey of Lewis and Clark. They are some of my all-time favorite explorers. Another uncommon coin is the half dollar it originally had Ben Franklin on it, but they changed it to john Kennedy in memory of his assassination. A newer coin is the Sacagawea dollar when it honors her journey with Lewis and Clark. When most people think of the journey, they just think of the two but without Sacagawea they would not have made it and on the reverse of the dollar it has another commemorative image on the Bach that the U.S. Mint periodically changes. Currency is not the only coins two there also is medals that have a certain event on them like the mission to the moon and many more a lot of what I said is available at the U.S. mint and at tons of auctions so go out there and explore all the possibilities of cons you can find like collections or a certain kind of coin you like it is all up two you just remember there are tons of fakes out there so just be careful.



Level 5

The peace dollar is a long-time favorite of mine as well! There is just something different about silver coins, huh!


Level 5

Good work. Didn't Black Diamond get mentioned before. Thanks for a good read.

Thanks for the blog

I love Morgan dollars.


Level 6

Thanks for the blog. Use Longstriders advise and proof read your blog. It was difficult to figure out what you're trying to say... ; )


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Like Mike says, Central Park zoo. Lots of good info here. A hint. You have a tendency to use run on sentences. That makes it tough to read. Try reading it outload to yourself before you post it. Thanks and Welcome..


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Good blog. Black Diamond was in the Central Park Zoo. Thanks for your work..

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