Struck in Philadelphia 2020

17 Nov 2020

Collection ofninly 2020 struck in philadelphia silver eagles. Showcasing the different labels and grades used in the limited mintage of 240,000



Level 5

That is a lot of ASEs! wow, great collection! :)


Level 2

Thanks guys! Wow everyone is so supportive here i love the vibe that is given. I uploaded anmore recent pic of the collection and am in the works of several more higher end coins. Ive also begun a nee collection. Its a smaller one yet i like it bc it will include one of most desired coins released win quite. Long . The end of world war 2 soecial label coin collection I was fortunate enough to be able to gwt through and order and recieve the silver privy silver eagle and the silver medal. I already have fove of the quarters so smalll set but it eill be cool


Level 5

I love it! I love ASEs so much! Good luck for future additions! Cheers, NM


Level 6

Wow! Beautiful collection!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

That is a nice set you have, congratulations! @ cent searcher, thanks for the tip


Level 6

Very nice collection. Are you going to collect the new designs?


Level 5

Wow. That is a very nice set! Just as a tip, the brand Lighthouse makes these albums with pages that holds 9 slabs each. I have a few, and they display my graded coins better than the boxes for them.

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