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13 Jun 2015

1969D (No FG) Lincoln cent

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I had another fun find last night. A 1969Dwith no designer's initials (FG) on reverse.

I went to the bank yesterday and bought all the cent rolls they would give me. Through about 29 rolls so far and in need of a break so I thought I would share this coin with you.

In addition, I've found 3 Canadian Cents, two dimes, and 30 wheat cents (29 in one roll) so far. I wish the roll searching was like this more often!

Happy hunting.



Level 5

Nice finds!


Level 7

That's one way to collect. I do the same myself on weekends. You never know what you will find. It's fun and exciting. Enjoy and continued luck.


Level 5

Nice! I have looked for this variety in my pennies. I found one that I thought was the error but undder closer examination, I saw a worn but visible FG


Level 5

Nice finds.


Level 6

Great find! Coin roll searching is really fun...you never know what you might find! : )


Level 5

I have found 3 of these.


Level 6

Great find. I'm hooked on roll searching. I get a bank box about once a week if possible. I found a similar coin and posted it on 17 OCT.. It had some doubters so I sent it in to ANACS when they were running a special. It came back verified on 10 April. Happy hunting. Don't go blind!!



Level 3

I saw your post about your find. I thought that was great. Roll hunting is an inexpensive way to stay active in the hobby. And you never know what may be in the next roll!


Level 5

Searching rools is always fun!


Level 5

Thats "rolls" not rools!!!

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