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26 Apr 2015

coin shows and kids

| user_8191

I've always enjoyed when my sons go to coin shows with me. To see them sharing my interest and finding coins for their collections is always fun for me. One focuses on collecting series, the other likes Silver Eagles and 90% silver coins more as an investment.

I've always appreciated the way the dealers interact and treat not just my kids, but YNs as a whole. They are after all, the future of our hobby. I wanted to share a story from a few years ago that happened to my son. He was about 11 and silver was in it's rapid rise in price that we were experiencing at the time.

We were at a local monthly coin show looking through "bargain bins" on the dealers tables looking for budget friendly coins for my boys. Since most coins that end up in these "bargain bins" are items the dealers have had for some time or are just lower grade or problem coins, the prices are represented as such.

As we were digging through the bin of a dealer we often visited, my son noticed some 90% silver (all priced below melt) in it and started to set it aside along with a war nickel or two. Once he found all he could, he handed them to the dealer. The dealer noticed his pricing was below melt and mentioned to my son that he had found some good deals. He proceeded to add up the sale and told my son his total was $84.00. My son in reply explained that he only had $20.00 that he had brought with him. To which the dealer told my son, "l've got a deal for you.". He then pointed to a silver buyer in the corner of the room, he told my son to take the coins to him and see what he would pay, come back and pay the $84.00 and keep the rest.

My son took the coins to the buyer and sold the 90% for $104.00. He came back and paid his balance of $84.00, pocketed the extra $20 as well as kept the war nickels the buyer didn't want. Not a bad payout for a little bit of searching and a walk across the room.

Thank you to all of the dealers out there that treat the kids so well and strive to encourage and foster the interests of the YNs.



Level 7

Very good you found a dealer who remembers he's a dealer. And likes kids. There rare today congratulations Mike.


Level 5

It does not get much better than that. Congratulations and that is one special dealer!


Level 5

Very nice of that dealer.


Level 6

Wow! What a cool coin dealer! Loved the story!

Dollar Guy

Level 5

I may not have been a teenager when the bargain bin was nice to me. I wanted some different coins to use as a ball mark when I played golf on the weekends. A dealer had 6 coins for a Dollar. It was early in the "ringed" coins era as I call them. They were easy to spot on the green. So my first delve into the bin came up with six 2 Euro pieces and five Canadian "Toonies." Two hours later I went back and scooped up five more two Euro pieces. My golf game never had it so good until my wife and I went to Europe and I raided my golf bag for a few pieces of change. Never pass up a chance to look, right? :-)


Level 6

Wow! That would be my primary coin guy now. What a great learning experience.

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