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30 Jun 2015

pocket chsnge die clash found

| user_8191

I was going through my accumulated coins from pocket change and found a die clashed 2013 P dime.

For whatever reason, I have always hoped to find a die clash. I don't know why other than just the cool factor, but I guess the cool factor can apply to any of the multitude of die varieties, and other oddities that one can find with a little (or a whole lot) of looking.

While the die clash I found isn't a major clash, I have to say, I'm and of impressed with myself that I found it.

In the attached images, the clash of an oak leaf cluster can be seen on the obverse, just behind the lower part of the ear. It looks almost like a 3 leaf clover.

On the reverse, the clash is of the profile of the forehead to the bridge of the nose. The clash begins below the olive branch above the E in one, through the U in Plus, to the first olive and into the first leaf.

I'm sorry that I couldn't get better pictures to share, but the clash isn't very strong.



Level 5



Level 5

Nice clash!


Level 5

Very nice. Keep searching!



Level 5

Fun find. Keep looking. You will find more.


Level 6

How cool! It's fun to find error/die clash type coins! You found a good one! : )

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