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02 Dec 2015

Collector's Dilemma

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I began collecting the stash of coins and banknotes my parents had lying around from their travels, not unlike many other collectors.

Categorising them and storing them properly made me want to expand, so I began reading, learning and buying banknotes and coins from all over the world. The fact that the existing collection was so widespread across years and continents, I did not know what type of coins or banknotes I want to focus on. Fast forwarding 15 years, I still face the same dilemma; the lack of focus on what to collect has got me expanding an international selection ranging from ancients to modern misprints. These are years and an investment that could have been channeled for a much more selective collection. While I am happy with the long way I have come, I believe there is that moment of clarity that sparks in a collector's mind that I am yet to experience in order to focus my time, money and effort in completing a specific set. Most of the collectors here are pretty clear on their primary collection, I wanted to share a dilemma I have and hope to update you with an update once I get that spark!



Level 7

I'm sorry I can't send you a message because of the crazy rules they have. Everyone should be able to send a message to anyone else! I'm sorry the correct spelling is conder tokens. Sorry about that mike


Level 7

Hi!Mike burn here. We all hit a block wall now and then. I do. I reached out for information like you did. Received a comment on conder tokens. If you never heard of them you can bring up e bay and search conde tokens. There's about 600 or so. They come from Britiana Wales, Ireland all over the British isles. They are beautiful and full of history. They were used like civil war tokens. These are bigger and people collected them instead of using them. That's why for two hundred years plus there in such goo shape. Hope we talk again soon. Let me know how you make out.mike


Level 6

I agree with World Coin Nut... collect what you like! : )


Level 5

I run in to the same problem every day. Collect what you like and you can't go wrong in my opinion.


Level 5

Some people can spend a lifetime finding that specific set to collect. You will decide when the time is right. Good luck!

Ian Fenn

Level 5

being eclectic is OK...but I do agree a foucus helps narrow the hunting and can be the foundation of a great collection. I would suggest you have another look at your collection You probably already have an identified theme from century to type of notes. Identify that theme , if it exists, and then fill the gaps


Level 5


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