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10 Jan 2021

A Project delayed

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I am in the process of upgrading my Lincoln Cent collection for my new Dansco Albums, completing one with & one without Proofs. I am currently on back order from Dansco as they are not producing Albums at this time due to COVID-19, which has seriously slowed this project down.

Prior to joining the ANA, I was content with a collection of a mishmash of coins, ranging from Fair to Mint State & Proof. Since joining the ANA this past year & learning so much from many of you, I realized that I can upgrade some, all without breaking the bank.

So it is back to work on this project with new goals, I have enough coins for both albums, minus some Proofs & of course the 1909S VDB. I am adding two or three upgrade coins per month, while still working on my other sets. Being Frugal, I have been shopping, shopping, & shopping some more. Sometimes I see a coin and I just have to pass it up, it seems some people think an older cent is made of gold, other times I jump on the coin so fast my head spins.

Either way, it looks like I will not finish this project until after COVID-19 relaxes its grip on us. An added plus is that the extra time is allowing me to acquire better versions than I originally was going with. The coins that made the cut as well as the nicer versions that I have recently purchased are currently put away awaiting the arrival of the Dansco Albums.

I share this with you because this set will be nicer because of the influence and mentorship of many of you. Instead of an average blah collection, it will a collection I will be proud to own and pass down to family. It is also frustratingly close to fruition and since I can't finish it at this time I can at least share my ongoing project with youse guys and gals.

Below are some of the 1909 - 1920 coins that did not make the cut, I still have em and they are in a safe place, I just can't bring myself to part with em.

Photos 1 - 7, Lincoln Cent coins not chosen for the new Albums.


Nice collection.


Level 5

Great post buddy! I don't own any Dansco albums due to the fact that if I "really" like a coin, I slab it! All of my Kennedys are slabbed. The only album I have is a "Harris" that have my Peace dollars in it, but I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of it also! It appears that you really have some good "sense" there ... :-))! Good luck buddy!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Great blog Stumpy!! I have bought maybe 8 Dansco albums over the past year....all during Covid...mostly on Ebay....and I only buy of they're new. I found that most of the time thats where the best prices are...plus other suppliers are always sold out. I paid $70 for my Seated Liberty Half Dime album because I couldn't find it anywhere else. I like how you're collecting your cents. I always prefer getting the key dates bought first then the rest are easy. But...thats just me.

walking liberty

Level 4

dang that sucks. well at least they will start producing again when this thing blows over. hope you get first pick WL


Level 5

Ah gotta love covid. It really is ruining everything haha! Good luck! Cant wait to see it all completed. Later!


Level 4

Good luck Stumpy


Level 5

I prefer to use the standard flips and pages approach, but everyone has their own taste. Dansco is a nice choice, I almost got one myself. Thanks for the update, and good luck!


Level 6

Cents are cool. I also need to do some upgrades but it is tough to buy something I already have. I like Dansco the best and hope the get back to producing again. I waited a long tome for my 7070.. Good luck.


Level 6

Good luck with future organization. Makes the collection that much more enjoyable.


Level 5

Thanks Bama for your offer. The sites that have the Dansco albums have jacked the prices up, some as high as almost half again. I will just have to wait. Thanks again, later!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

You all can check around for Dansco albums on other sites than theirs. I have found and bought a couple I needed. I'd be willing to see if I can come across them and mail to you at cost + whatever the post office charges to mail to you, no big deal


Level 5

Nice collection of "Extras" I am doing something similar, but I only have a 1907 and a 1905 Indian Head, three 1919s, and a 1926. Let us know when you get the Dansco! I would love to see some pics of it!


Level 7

They are in my opinion the best. The rest are nice. Same Co is down to earth buissness. No toning . I like mine with the luster they were made in.you will get them. Time. You're cents are not going anywhere.


Level 6

I'm frustrated with Dansco as well. I'm waiting for the "Silver Round" album. You are right...it sure puts a project on hold! Hopefully they will open back up soon ; ) Great blog!

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