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23 Sep 2019

Collection fair 2019

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Good afternoon my numismatic friends and collectors,
After a long absence we returned with our capsule that on this occasion I dedicate it to the last Panama collections fair held in Panama City from August 29th to September 1th , it was a majestic event It took us a few months to get involved in order to develop it so I apologize for our forced absence, for those who do not know this is the XXIII version of the collections fair that this year was titled The 500 years of the foundation of the Panama City was the largest numismatic event in the region, with the participation of 7 delegations from different countries including the US, from keynote exhibitions, conferences, auctions and sales of all in 1750 meters of collections fair. I hope you enjoy the pictures



Level 6

I have always wanted to visit panama City. Now I want to go during this event. I need to brush up on my Spanish.. Thanks. Looks like a great time..


Level 3

Don worry my friend, you will be welcome, and dont worry for your spanish, In Panama almost everyone speaks english


Level 4

Looks like you had a wonderful time! I have never gotten to go to a show like that. Maybe if the WFM moves closer to me.


Level 6

Looks like a good time.


Level 6

Thank you for sharing this great event with us! Everyone looks like they are having a wonderful time. Enjoyed the photo's! ; )


Level 7

Terrific. Looks like everyone has a great time. I like hearing about these. Congratulations on the success of the event.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, looks like it was a spectacular event. Thank You for sharing the photos. Everyone looks like they are enjoying the experience immensely.

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