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11 Jan 2019


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Fabulous collection of 8 commemorative coins to the World Day of Youth JMJ, to be held in Panama January 2019, This fabulous set of 8 coins Bimetalicas consists of 6 coins that highlight churches that are part of the Panamanian colonial history, you will find there Churches like Santa Maria la antigua, San Felipe Neri etc, also the two coins with the logo of the WYD, a color that will be the flagship in this great event in the region and the other one with the Bimetalico logo,

Those coins have the same value like American one Dollar



Level 6

That's a beautiful set! Nice collection! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Level 6

I'm not a big fan of bi-metal coins but those are beautiful. Thanks.


Level 6

Attractive coins. Did not know Panama struck bimetallic coins.


Level 4

Extremely nice set. Thank you for sharing. Pastor Greg


Level 6

Very nice set, I love how so many countries now produce commemoratives to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

It is amazing how many countries use the U.S. dollar for their currency.

The bimetallic coins are very pretty. I am glad this is used to commemorate something special in Panama, and the designs are quite excellent. Thanks for writing.


Level 3

Mike in Panama will be celebrated from January 22 to 29 the event known in Spanish as the JORNADA MUNDIAL DE LA JUVENTUD, or JMJ, is a Catholic event aimed at young people and is a movement that has gained strength worldwide, celebrated every 3 years, As Panama was chosen as the venue this year, the national government decided to order the construction of 8 bimetallic circulation coins with motifs associated with that day, including 6 coins from colonial churches that have recently been restored and that are part of the patrimony of humanity. the other two are from the logos of the WYD, one color and one bimetallic. Also it is commanded to coin a set of Coins of silver law 999 with the same reasons that will be next to the sale. I hope I have illustrated a little more the post


Level 7

I'm this is very nice and I love the pictures. It sounds like a great day. I to collect coins and tokens of old churches when I see them. Very interesting. Thanks for the information and pictures. Mike.

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