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16 Feb 2019

Numismatic Panama items of higher value in the main auctions

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This time we wanted to show you as a capsule A very interesting formal Numismatic record of the Pieces or lots that have been most appreciated in the main auction houses of the World where our currency is referenced (Heritage Auction, Stack Bowers, Lyn knight, Sedwick etc) values ​​shown (includes paid commissions) should NOT be considered as fixed values, since many of these pieces have been unique, and in many, there are NO trends to establish a correlation, we also have to bear in mind that in an auction there are many factors that can determine that The sale value is low or high. For which we only want to show statistics without deepening the reason for that value. They were not considered in this registry, Panama Pacific Currencies, because they are not Panamanian currencies. Having explained these premises, the records were established in the following categories:
1. Currency
2. Banknotes
3. Token or Tokens
4. Medals
5. Books
1. Balboa 1931 Mate (20 pieces) - Heritage - $ 25,850 - 2015
2. 2 Reales (Panama Mint) - Sedwick - $ 25,850 -2017
3. 4 Reales (Panama Mint) - Sedwick - $ 23,100 -2009
1. SET 4 BANKNOTES OF 1941 - Stack Bower - $ 43,125 -2009 (uncertified current circulation)
2. TICKET OF 20 Balboas 1941 - Heritage - $ 38,400 -2019
(Certified Specimen by PMG 66)
3. SOVEREIGN STATE 4 StackBower Tickets - $ 26,550-2011
(Without Cutting the 4 denominations)
1. DRY BAT ONE DOLLAR 1919 Heritage - $ 9,997.50 - 2015 (NGC XF40 certificate)
2. DRY BATCH $ 0.50 1919 Heritage - $ 6,462.50 - 2015
1. Scottish Colony of Darien 1700 Heritage - $ 32,900 - 2013
2. CONSTANCE OF PANAMA 1815 Sedwick - $ 14,100 - 2017
1. The Forgotten Mint of Colonial Panama - $ 7,637 - 2017
author J.Proctor. Personal copy of Richard Stuart # 16 Auctioned by Sedwick
We hope that the capsule will please everyone



Level 7

I just noticed Heritage name is on the pictures. So you own these. Just curious. Pat


Level 6

Beautiful coins and currency notes. I currently am in a war with someone? over a 1/10th Balboa at an auction site. I think he has more money for this coin.. Thank you.


Level 5

Nice collection of different items. The notes are nice.

Those sheets are amazing, I can see why someone paid 40 k for one.


Level 6

That Matte Proof one Balboa was absolutely stunning in detail. So very interesting, thank you for giving us a view of the Panamanian rarities from HA.


Level 6

That is a beautiful bank note. So many lovely coins/currency that doesn't get the publicity that others do.


Level 7

I shop at Heritage . World coins and I have seen prices on beautiful pieces like these and they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. That's the fun at Heritage of any auction house searching for beauties like these. Thanks

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