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16 Feb 2019

Numismatic Panama items of higher value in the main auctions

Coins | user_86060

This time we wanted to show you as a capsule A very interesting formal Numismatic record of the Pieces or lots that have been most appreciated in the main auction houses of the World where our currency is referenced (Heritage Auction, Stack Bowers, Lyn knight, Sedwick etc) values ​​shown (includes paid commissions) should NOT be considered as fixed values, since many of these pieces have been unique, and in many, there are NO trends to establish a correlation, we also have to bear in mind that in an auction there are many factors that can determine that The sale value is low or high. For which we only want to show statistics without deepening the reason for that value. They were not considered in this registry, Panama Pacific Currencies, because they are not Panamanian currencies. Having explained these premises, the records were established in the following categories:

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