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11 Jul 2018

Better Exploring National Coin Week

National Coin Week | user_86205

     Personally,  National Coin Week is my favorite section of the year that the American Numismatic Association hosts. Why? It is an enjoyable week of club bonding, rich history, and intriguing online trivia. It is also fun to compete in the writing contest as well as completing the youth activity. Let's take a better look at ways to get envolved when National Coin Week comes around.
     The ANA puts on a competitive challenge for coin clubs to compete in. The whole entire club must work together to answer the trivia questions and send in their results. The club will be entered into a grand prize drawing if they have a perfect score. Prizes in the past include proof coins and sets.  The contest is an entertaining challenge as well as something for a club to do.
    One resource provided during the seven days is multiple online museum exhibits. They each contain a picture along with an article about the display.  Each exhibit provides entertaining information and new coin facts to the reader.  Found right next to the online exhibits, are the year's numismatic objects. These pieces of history are related to the week's topic and are an example of the week's theme. 
      Other historic info on the event includes the history of National Coin Week. Did you know that 2018 celebrated the 95th year of the event?  Anyone can find facts like this when they explore the article referring to the history of National Coin Week. This resource can help one better understand the creation and birth of the event.
     Everyday of National Coin Week there is one trivia question held online. Many enjoy testing their knowledge on coins while trying to earn the nightly prize. Themed questions are often asked.  This enjoyable part of the week takes little time to participate and complete. The trivia is yet another way to get involved with the festivities of National Coin Week. 
     The next activity all ages can participate in. Everybody is encouraged to write an essay for the writing contest. Topics are based off of the current year's theme. The American Numismatic Association, though, puts a maximum word cap on the written paper. Images in the past have been strongly encouraged also.
      The YN activity every year helps the participant better connect with the year's theme.  Each successfully completed paper turned in will receive a small prize and be entered into the grand drawing.  The 2018 activity had YNs matching coin bridges with the description of the coin. Many different and unique coins were used to create the project. It was an entertaining project for the Young Numismatics. 

      I just want to end this blog post by thanking the American Numismatic Association for all the hard work and time they put into making each and every National Coin Week a fun and educational experience.



Level 7

If everyone searched the site those yellow titles up there are for a reason. You want to know what's going on click on events. Even has a calender of future shows , National Coin week Words fair of money. Look and thou shall find. There up there for us for information. There up there for us to use. Discover will tell you about the Library LOOK know your site!


Level 6

The ANA does so much for us! We should all try and participate and get involved. Thanks to all who put all these events together! ; )


Level 6

The ANA should get more people appreciating what they do for us.. Thanks!


Level 7

Nothing like it there is alot that goes on. I heard about it through the ANA they advertise different things when you sign on and it's also in the hobbies magazines. Nice touch thanking the ANA they do so much but don't get that much thanks. A lot is taken for granted. This is a major corporation and its run that way they do everything they can to keep this hobby going and teaching especially the young kids. But sometimes they take it for granted . Thank you very much. I try to help as many yn's as I can we all should. Thanks again.


Level 6

I hear almost nothing abt National Coin Week.

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