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17 Jul 2018

Who was Victor David Brenner?

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     Victor David Brenner was born on June 12, 1871 in Lithuania. Growing up, his family was a Jewish family living in Siauliai, Lithuania. At a young age, Victor learned skills from his dad including gem engraving, seal engraving, and sculpting. When he was nineteen, he moved to the United States of America, and settled in New York City. He only knew the skills his dad taught him when he came over. Victor learned English and French during the eight years he stayed in the United States. He then decided to travel to Paris, and attend a local art school. During his time in France, he won several awards and became well known among many. After that, he decided to go back to the States, and advance on to the next step in his career. Victor then took a job of being in charge of die cutting and also joined the American Numismatic and Archaeological Society. Victor displayed some of his many fine works including one of Abraham Lincoln on a medal to the current president, Theodore Roosevelt. Throughout the up coming years, Victor Brenner built a relationship with Theodore Roosevelt, and they determined that the United States needed a new design for the cent. The mint then announced the upcoming of a new design for the cent to celebrate the 100th commemorative of Abraham Lincoln. Victor David Brenner was put in charge of the design. He put his intials on the coin, and it would become one of the most popular and well known cents.  The United States even sent a Mars Rober with the 1909 Lincoln Cent on it. It is still on Mars today.  As many liked the design, they complained about having his intials on the coin. The coin ended up being recalled and the rest of the minted coins didn't possess his intials on the coin. This created the 1909 San Francisco V.D.B. cent to then become a rare coin. In 1913, he married Rose Heyman, and would end up having  three kids.   The mint though, allowed his intials back on for the 1918 cent only his time, they appeared above Lincoln's shoulders. The reverse of his coin, though, changed after the Wheat cent series ended. Currently, it is a shield barring the description E Pluribus Unum on it.  Many years later he passed away on April 1st, 1924.  Victor was only married for eleven years when he died. Today, Lincoln's head is stilled the same design that Victor David Brenner created to represent the 100th commemorative of Abraham Lincoln. Cent collectors, and even all U.S coinage collectors will remember the name Victor David Brenner as the well known wheat cent designer who put his intials, famously on the 1909 cents.  



Level 7

Kindly use a bibliography so collectors who are interested in your blogs can read about them. We learn from comments as well as blogs. Bibliographies are important to us as collectors. When you put this information down some coll e tours want to learn more that why we need it your last blog doesn't have one.


Level 6

Lot of info there. Thanks!


Level 6

Nice outline on Victor D. Brenner. Thanks for sourcing it so we could read the whole article.


Level 7

I appreciate the information but there are some of us who need. Bibliography. I would like to follow up on VDB. if you could kindly add that it would help alot. Did you know he had a hard time with his initials. The director wanted them off the agreed on one initial but V.D.B. put all three on causing the Director to stop production. Thanks .Mike.

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