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28 Apr 2016


| YN Collector

I am a YN collector. Do any more experienced collectors have advice on which books to borrow from the ANA library?


Pliny The Elder

Level 5

US coins, Red Book. Numismatic libraries can contain hundreds or thousands of reference titles, the Red Book by Yeoman, as previously indicated in answers, is the best generalized place to start out at.


Level 7

Start to make friends. Someone you find read there blog's if they interest you follow them. They might follow you back and you have someone to send a message to or ask a question. But make sure there active in communication with other collector's. And they write alot. This will give you a good idea. On weekends I read alot of blog's and have learned alot.


Level 5

The other feedback is right on target. Start with identifying which Numismatic items you are interested in. Then ask the question about what resources are best according to the collectors of that type.


Level 5

It mainly depends on what you are interested in.


Level 5

Welcome to this awesome hobby. I agree with both previous responses. If your interest is US Coins the Red Book is the obvious place to start, the Mega Red is awesome but a lot of information to go through. If world coins is your thing do a search on the Library site for countries that interest you. This is supposed to be fun, there is no wrong way to do it.


Level 7

That would depend on what your interested in. For instance, Half dollars I would say RICK TOMASkA . He has written five books on Franklin's and Kenedys. It's up to your taste.. Don't let anybody tell you what to collect. That's your decision. Your in no rush. Also if you want a certain coin put a little money aside. Before you know it you'll have enough to buy it. Lots of luck and welcome to the best hobby in the world!. Mike


Level 6

Welcome. You need a Red Book. I, personally would recommend anything written by Q. David Bowers. Your best bet would be to give them a call and ask them! Good luck.

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