thatcoinguy's Blog

08 Oct 2022

A Short Set Of Capped Bust Halves

Coins-United States | thatcoinguy

I firmly believe that in our hobby, we should set both short term, and long term goals. I have set myself both of these, and I encourage my fellow hobbyists to do so as well. Setting goals makes you focus on a specific area that you would like to focus on to help you complete that set you've always wanted to. For example, my main short term goal includes building and completing a set of mint state, eye appealing Franklin Half Dollars. I expect to be done within the next three or four years. Some of my long term goals are to specialize in half dollars (up to Drapped Bust, although it might extend a little bit further once I obtain some more of income. I would also like to be an expert in GSA Morgan Dollars, which I have already began extensive studying on. But on to the subject of my blog!

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