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03 Jan 2022

Calling All Coin Roll Hunters!

Exonumia | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

I know somebody is going to get mad at me for making this a blog and not a forum post, but I think if it is a blog, more people will see it. I need all my coin roll hunters here on the site to help me out! I'm doing a research paper on coin roll hunting, and I need some data that only my faithful coin roll hunters can provide! Here's the link:https://forms.gle/Mjq38pFyieataEmh8





Level 5

Good luck and good idea!


Level 6

Good luck with your paper! ; )


Level 6

Good luck with this.


Level 5


AC coin$

Level 6

Great idea .


Level 7

Don't give up! You keep on this.


Level 5

Great idea. Hope I can help out.

@CoinHunter could give you a lot of info, but you need to get an error coin book, so you know what to look for.


Level 5

Yeah, I have “Strike It Rich With Pocket Change” and I’m planning to get the new Cherrypicker’s guide when it comes out.

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