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28 Apr 2022

Collecting A Modern “Roll” of Coins

| thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Today's blog will be on a very interesting form of collecting that I recently learned about. Collecting rolls of coins can be fun, but when you get into the older series, such as Indian Head Cents or Morgan Dollars, rolls can get very pricey. So here's my suggestion on how to do this in a (more) affordable way, and you can cherry-pick the best pieces as well! Two words: slab box. A modern slab box usually contains 20 slots for slabs. This is how many coins an old roll of dollars contained. Simply buy the pieces you like in the best grades you can afford, and add them to your "roll". This gives you a goal to achieve, and those empty slots will keep you going just like coin folders and/or albums! This is a great way to assemble a full roll of coins in the best grade you can buy, and you get to cherry-pick some better-for-the-grade coins if you want, too! This is a nice way to own a couple of Mint State older coins (Morgan Dollars, Buffalo nickels, etc.), even if you can’t afford to collect the entire series in such a high grade. If you want a little more of a challenge, you could even through in a key or semi key date! There are also different date/mintmark ways to collect like this, like the first few years, the last few years, two decades, or just collect 20 of the same date and mintmark (although I think that sounds boring, collect what you like!). I though this was kind of interesting, so I've shared it with you.

Keep collecting,

P.S. I won my state coin club's scholarship to go to Summer Seminar! I'm taking Grading 1. Anybody else taking a course?

P.P.S. Longstrider, the message was loud and clear. Tuesday can't come soon enough, because I've got a goody for you guys.



Level 6

Congratulations on your scholarship! Have fun and learn alot! ; )


Level 5

Great blog!

AC coin$

Level 6

Congratulations good for you, you deserve the best .


Level 5

Thanks AC. It really means a lot.


Level 6

CONGRATULATIONS! Summer Seminar us a blast. I also won a full scholarship years ago. Never thought an old guy would get one but I did. It is amazing. I took Counterfeit Detection and Toned Coins. I hope you have as much fun as I did. Lots of friends to be made and knowledge to be gained. Proud of you kid. Can't wait for Tuesday. Thanks.


Level 5

Thanks! I’m sure I will enjoy it.


Level 7

Good idea!. The better news is your going to the summer sessions. Congratulations good for you!. Have a great time and let us know about it!


Level 5

Thanks! I’m sure there will be at least 20 blogs on grading coins once I get back. Maybe more!

Long Beard

Level 5

That's a thought. Reading all of the roll blogs I myself started buying select dates/mint marks of various denominations. One's in which I believe to be sleepers for a particular series.

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