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13 Apr 2022

Cool Currency

Paper Money-U.S. | thatcoinguy

It seems like no matter how many coins we exchange, or how many bills we receive, we always have something new we can learn. Modern pocket change can be quite exciting, especially if you find something no one has found before. We all say we've seen it all, but even on modern bills and coins, we can still discover new things. Here's a little blog for all you guys that collect currency, and the ones that will look a little closer at those bills after reading this blog.

The modern US $5 bill is something we all know about. You have a bust of Abraham Lincoln on the front, and the Lincoln Memorial on the back. Nothing special. Is there? Something not a lot of people know is that on the roof of the memorial, on the back, each state is listed! They are listed by the order they joined they union, just like the state quarters. The list reads fat the beginning from the left side of the lower part of the roof. My home state of Georgia is forth from the right on the bottom row. Where are your home states?



Level 5

Thanks for sharing. I had never heard that before.

AC coin$

Level 6

Cool !


Level 6

That's a good one. I bet a lot of us never knew that. Try looking up web-note for the humble one dollar note. Thanks


Level 5

Web notes are ones I have been searching for for a while now, but no such luck. Probably just not enough 1990s notes in circulation nowadays.


Level 7

Now that's a great blog. I doubt many of us knew that. We learn. Going on 70 and I'm still learning. Thanks my friend


Level 6

Nice blog


Level 6

Wow! How cool is that. I had no idea! Thanks for this interesting information! ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, never knew that , my home state (well my home U.S. state since I was borne overseas) is the second state, Pennsylvania. Thanks, this is something that would be perfect in Longbeard's proposed series of interesting coin/currency factoids.

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