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28 Apr 2022

How To Make $275+ for 50 Cents

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Errors and varieties are a big part of numismatics. Varieties have slowly been increasing in value and popularity over the years, and some can be worth thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars. Everybody talks about finding that $100,000 cent in pocket change (usually a 1909-S VDB). But let's be honest. Your chance of finding a 1909-S VDB is slim to none. Yet these kinds of videos on YouTube have hundreds of thousands, or even sometimes million, of views. Wishful people hoping to strike it rich, only to find their hands empty. I'm here to give you a coin that is realistically found, and I even know a few people who have found this variety!

When one talks about coin roll hunting, half dollars is a big part of it. Many coin roll hunters ONLY hunt halves, because they can yield a lot of great results. Here's another coin to look for next time you pick up a box, or two, or three. Clad Kennedy Half dollars with no silver content were first minted in 1970 in large quantities. This continued for the first couple of years, until production slowed after the bicentennial (1976). In 1972, the half dollar had two distinct varieties, on of which is valuable, one of which is not. I'm here to tell you how to tell the difference.

The valuable coin is know as the 1972-D No FG Half Dollar. The Fivaz-Stanton designation in FS-901. This error occurred because the die was ground down to reduce clash marks, and when the dies were grounded, the initials were worn off. This error is also known to occur on 1966 and 1982-P half dollars. It was discovered by Kip Nelson after he heard about the 1982-P Missing FG (discovered by Ron Guth). You can identify it by looking below the right wing of the eagle on the reverse of the Kennedy Half Dollar. I have included a picture for reference.

Keep collecting,



I found one in my change!


Level 5

Thanks for the information!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Love it, Thank You for a meaningful blog, there is so much chaff being generated these days.


Level 6

Great research! Error coins are the best! ; )


Level 5

Thanks for sharing this information!


Level 7

Very good research. I enjoyed it. Thanks allot.


Level 6

Cool. I found a one cent without initials and had ANACS slab it. My first big find, kinda. My bank doesn't get half dollars. Oh well.


Level 5

You should ask them if they are willing to order you a box! Banks will (most times) let you order a box of half dollars free of charge. I have never had a problem with this, even with the coin shortage.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Great information .

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