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03 Apr 2022

Circulation Strike San Francisco Mint ATB Quarters

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When the America The Beautiful series began in 2010, the mint decided to add a new finish/mintmark combination to the list of collector options. Enter, the circulation strike San Francisco mint ATB quarter! Note: The mint did not make 2010 and 2011 circulation strike San Francisco mint quarters; they started in 2012. Although the San Francisco mint had produced circulation strikes once before (the subject of some upcoming blog), this was the first time they created a not intended for circulation (NIFC) circulation strike at that mint. The blanks are the same as regular circulating quarters, and as far as I know, the strike is the same as well. The reason these quarters are NIFC is because collectors can only get them from the mint website. They are sold for premiums above face value, and are worth more than 25 cents.

In terms of their NIFC premium, I have seen these special quarters go for about $1 a piece. I can not for the life of me find the mintages for these quarters, although I can infer they are low (probably 2-3 million per design). Some collectors are very confused when they come across a circulation strike coin with a San Francisco mintmark on it, because these coins ARE NIFCs. Not INTENDED for circulation. Most times, the reason they have found these quarters in circulation is dealers/collectors have purchased bags of $100 worth of coins from the mint for more than face value, cherry picked the best ones, snd just spent the rest. Not what I would do, but it's not my choice. But it does lead for some exciting finds when found. I have only found one, a 2020-S Marsh Billings-Rockefeller. Which designs have you found? Post your finds in the comments section!

If you are in the area, I might see you at the Georgia Numismatic Association Coin Show this weekend! Hope you can make it!

Keep searching,




Level 6

Nice blog. I never got into these quarters so this is all new to me. Interesting. Thanks. Have a good time at the show.


Level 5

My grandfather bought the 5 2012 rolls from the Mint. I guess he needs to find out what they are worth.


Level 6

Good blog! Nice photo! Hope you have fun at the coin show! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice find and acquisition. Crisp sharp image. Thanks, they are my favorite type of quarters. I have a few from all years.


Level 5

As far as NIFC quarters, I've found an older one (the one with the parrot), and a Weir farm that I just found recently.


Level 4

Oh, that's cool.


Level 7

P.S. I know the silver proofs were made at San Fran. Then Philadelphia mint and Washington mint. Saw none made in Denver


Level 5

I'm not talking about the proofs Mike. I'm talking about the NIFC San Francisco circulation strikes.


Level 7

My son collected the ATB proof silver. Every year form 2010 was under one million. Except 2016 W 109,247.77. What got my son mad was the Tuskegee airmen. Every set had five proof silver coins. Not the last set it had one. Why we don't know.all are proof 69. Everyone graded the same.That's not easy unless you buy them graded already . Its one of my favorite sets. I stared collecting the five ounce but after a year I said no. It was over 1000.00 A year for the five coins!! Thanks for a good blog on a great set.


Level 5

Thanks for the blog! So far I’ve found a Salt River Bay one as you probably already know.

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