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31 Aug 2021

Select Highlights From The Smithsonian Museum

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Class Two 1804 Dollar: This dollar coin is one that you won't find in ANYONE'S collection: it's the only one in existence today. What is interesting about this coin is that it was originally a 1857 Swiss Thaler (the producer decided to strike the coin over another existing coin instead of making a planchet for it to be struck on).

Class Three 1804 Dollar: This numismatic legend is one of six in the class three type. Minted at the Philadelphia Mint illegally in the 1870s, this coin was designed by Robert Scot.
Four Dollar "Stella" Pattern Coin (1879): This is a coin that was not actually a coin! It was simply a design proposed to the US mint that was never struck. An interesting fact about this coin is that the face value isn't "Four Dollars", it's "400 Cents". Struck out of gold, this "Coiled Hair" version looks like a Morgan Dollar with a hairdo. I guess George T. Morgan wanted to try something new? There are only 20 "Coiled Hair" versions, so this is a must-see when you visit the Smithsonian.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel: One of five originally ( and illegally) minted. This coin was made for or by Samuel W. Brown, and he first revealed this coin to the rest of the numismatic community in August of 1920 when he displayed all five at an ANA convention. When B. Max Mehl, a popular merchant at the time, started to offer large sums of money for these rare coins, collectors and the public alike started to search for these in change. None were found, but the 1913 nickel made history, where it remains a collectors dream today.



Level 6

Interesting information! Thanks for the research! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Interesting blog topic. My personal favorite on display, which I have been fortunate enough to see , is the 1849 Liberty Head 20 dollar, a one of one pattern Judd-117 in NGC PF63. It's estimated value is $17.47 million IF it were to be auctioned. Given it's status and recent auction records of other rare coins that's an extremely low estimate.


Level 6

Never heard that one. This blog NEEDS a photo. I know you can do it. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

New information to me! Thanks!


Level 7

Love the stories. I enjoyed very much!!

The Stellas do look like Morgan dollars. With a hairdo.


Level 5

The rare coins like this are incredible. Must be nice to own one.

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