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30 Jun 2022

Summer Seminar!!!!

Summer Seminar | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Kind of a short blog today, sorry. I just finished up my week at Summer Seminar, and boy, did I have a blast! I took Grading US Coins Part 1 by Kyle and Owen, two graders from PCGS. It's a great class for anyone just starting out, and even though it was a little easy for me, I did learn a great deal. I think one of the main reasons people attend Summer Seminar is to make new friends, and I made a ton! To list off a few, the YNs I met this week were: Payton, Kevin, Darion, Morgan, William, and Jack. A new phase that was invented this year (not by me) was a YAN (pronounced "yawn"). I met a ton of YANs I didn't know, like Abigail, Kenny, Kellen, Paul (who works for NGC), CJ, and Ben. If I forgot somebody, I'm so sorry, I met a lot of people this year. Some notable adults included the one and only Ken Bresset, Sam Gelberd, and Sam E. And shout out to Liberty for being the YN dorm supervisor for the week.

We had a great YN auction Week 2, and ended up raising a little over $25,500! I did receive some coins this week, but I will save those for an official update. There were some great lots this year, including a complete Dansco 7070 (minus the gold page), three Carson City GSAs, among lots of other interesting items. Thanks to all the donors for making the YN Auction this year possible! I made some great memories, and next summer can't come soon enough. Maybe I'll see some of you next year as well!

Keep collecting,




Level 5

Sounds like it was a huge success for you and lots of fun. Way to go.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Great to know about that Summer Seminar. Such activities bring into light the work of many. Thanks for the information.


Level 6

So glad you had an amazing time! And it's great to meet new friends too! ; )


Level 6

Way to go. I was able to attend a SS back in 2015. I don't know how someone could not have a great time. I'm happy you did. Making friends is a big part of it. Thanks.


Level 7

You had a great time. That's what there for coins and friends and you did both. Glad you went. The summer seminar is great. As you said you will learn allot! Glad you made it there!!


Level 5

I'm glad too! I'm hoping I can get two scholarships next year so I can go both weeks.


Level 4

Sounds like a great experience. I know the ANA has been sharing things from Summer Seminar on their Facebook page. Definitely sounds like an experience to be had. Glad you had a good time. Hoping to make it out there, one of these days.

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