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04 Jan 2022

The Everything Coin Collecting Book: A Review

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With nineteen chapters and three hundred and five pages, Richard Giedroyc knows what he's doing when it comes to coin collecting. This book for both beginners and advanced collectors alike is worth every minute you spend reading it. He first goes over the basics we all know: Important coin collecting vocabulary (what IS a numismatist anyways?), storing and handling coins (ALWAYS BY THE EDGE), and the social aspects of the hobby (WHY haven't you joined a coin club yet?). This covers the first four chapters.

Soon, we start learning the fundamentals of buying and selling our"numismatic lovelies", which he goes in depth explaining each step in the process. He then goes on to walk readers through the step-by-step minting process, and what makes a coin rare and/or valuable. Grading coins and authenticating coins take up the bulk of the next section, with a focus on counterfeits and replicas. After investing coins, yet another chapter about selling coins comes, because you can never have enough knowledge when you approach a potential buyer.

Lastly, he includes a DETAILED description that delves into the corners of ancient coins, world coins, and, of course, US coins. He explains why you should collect certain series, gives a fairly high cost estimate, and includes paper money/tokens/medals in the mix too, just in case you want to collect something a little more exotic.

This book is a long but worthwhile read, and covers a wide range of numismatic topics. He gives his expert opinion that, in my experience, is usually right. He keep the read interesting though out the entire book, and you keep turning to the next page wishing the book won't end "just yet"! This is a delightful book, and you should definitely try to pick it up from your local library or bookstore.

Keep collecting (and buy the book before the coin),



Level 6

Thanks for the review! Sounds good! ; )


Level 6

One worth checking out from the sound of it. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like a pithy volume of work!


Level 5

I will have to check it out. Thanks!


Level 5

Great book to read. More reading on numismatics the better. You will be glad you read a lot of coin related books.


Level 5


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