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10 Jul 2021

The Red Book VS Greysheet: The Ultimate Numismatic Battle

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!
Today, I am going to attempt to take a dive into the hardest decision a numismatic collector has to make: which price guide should I buy. Before I begin, let me just say that although I will try to pick a better one, both of these are worth buying from time to time, especially if you buy/sell on a regular basis.
The Red Book: 464 pages of awesome coinage. This book is more informational, including pictures of the coins, and paragraphs of important information. The Red Book is edited by the great Kenneth Bressent (my personal favorite when it comes to numismatic publication), and written by R.S. Yeoman. It retailed for $15.95 cents (NOT pennies) in 2020, and is all around amazing. This is defiantly the one you want if you are a more visual and prolific reader, rather than if you want the straight up facts. Comes out yearly.
Greysheet: Retailed for $10 last time I checked (though I picked mine up for $5). The Greysheet is the facts and nothing else. No pictures, barely any reading.. this is what you want if you purchase regularly, or are a dealer. Comes out quarterly, which means if a 1989-P Morgan Dollar just went up in value, you will see it in the Greysheet, but not until next year the Red Book comes out.
Considering the pros and cons of the situation, I would have to say it is a tie! As I said earlier, if you want to learn pick the Red Book, if you want the up to date facts, pick the Greysheet. What I personally do is get the Greysheet every time it comes out, and get the Red Book every other year. But make your own decision, and I hope this blog helped.
Thanks for reading!



Level 5

The only quip I have about Greysheet is that if you don't get the free magazine they have at the coin shows you will be paying an awful lot in subscription fees...


Level 5

Yeah, but a subscription makes a nice birthday present!


Level 5

Redbook is fine for retail prices. Gives you an idea on high side. Mega redbook does have lots of info on topics. You can usually pick up free coin price sheets at coin shows. Lots of info online for researching a price if your looking to buy. Always ask for less, or show interest in the coin. Usually dealers will give you a lower offer on sticker price.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for a good topic! I'll go with grey sheet every time. Its much more timely, Plus its wholesale prices. I'm not sure if Redbook is based on whole sale. Greysheet is more important to me because you can also look at PCGS price which is retail and also much more timely than the Redbook. By knowing those price points you can offer a fair price to a dealer and he wont be insulted and able to make a living as well.


Level 5

Red Book is retail.


Level 7

I use the Mega Red.1500 pages of all American coinage. A section this year on the Silver dollar many articles to read. It's the red book but every year they do a special on a coin. They started with the cent. Anything I need to know is in that book.. It's heavy but worth it.


Level 6

You can't have to much info in this game. Both are good choices. I do feel the Red Book is outdated, in pricing, before it comes out. I also go to auction archives and sold lists on eBay. That tells you what the coin REALLY went for. CoinWorld is good as well. My opinions. Thanks.


Level 6

I like the Redbook...However both publications are good to have. ; )

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