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16 May 2022

Three Reasons To Exhibit At Your Next Coin Show

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Coin exhibits are a great way to share information, win prizes, and display your collection you have worked so hard on! If you want to learn a little more (and maybe do one yourself) read on!

1. Coin exhibits are a great way to share information. I think we can all agree that one of the biggest aspects of being a "Numismatist" instead of just a accumulator or a casual collector is advanced knowledge in our area(s) of collecting! We all have our specialty corners (Mike is Condor Tokens, Kepi likes Mercs, Longstrider is toners, etc.). We have a ton of information in our brains. Exhibits are a great way to share them with the public! Think of it as a blog that will be revived on a wider scale, seen by more collectors, and even non-collectors who might be convinced to pick up one of those above coins at the coin show!

2. Exhibits can have great prizes. Although the main reason for exhibiting is education, I figured for some who are not really willing to do it without some sort of benefit for themselves, prizes are a great draw! Now, check with your coin shows to see what they offer as prizes (if they offer them at all), so you know not to get your hopes up. HOWEVER! Conventions can have some really great stuff. For instance, at my state coins show, the Georgia Numismatic Coin Show (GNA Show), there are some great prizes. Everyone who exhibits gets a one ounce silver round, and the top three exhibitors in each category gets a plaque. In addition to that, there are additional prizes. For instance, in the adult category, Forst place get a US gold coin (1/20 of an ounce, if I remember correctly), second place gets a silver coin (usually from the early 20th century), and third place gets a copper coins (usually a large or half cent). For the YN exhibitors, the top five exhibitors get certificates to spend with dealers on the bourse floor (the amount increases with the place you get).

3. Exhibits are a great way to display your collection. Another reason we all collect because of is pride of ownership. There's just something about owning a coin that only 200,000 people in the world can own, for example, that is extremely drawing. Also, having a complete set of, say, Barber Dimes, can be a great accomplishment. But what is an awesome collection without doing a TINY bit of bragging on it? Exhibits are a great way to showcase your collection and what you collect. Who knows, maybe somebody will start collecting Condor Tokens in the near future if nudged in the right direction *ahem*Mike*ahem* Just saying!

Thanks for putting up with my little blog here, and put together an exhibit! I'll have a new blog coming soon with some helpful tips on how to do so.

Keep collecting (and start exhibiting),



Level 4

I’ve actually not even thought or considered this. Honestly, didn’t even realize a common “collector,” could even exhibit in a coin show, only “dealers.” Definitely something for me to consider in the future.


Level 5

A great way to teach people about collecting coins.


Level 6

Great ideas! No coin clubs near me... Thanks for your interesting blog! ; )


Level 6

Great fun. However no coin clubs near me. Zoom clubs only. Thanks.


Level 5

First things first, I actually need to make it to a show... Nice blog!


Level 5


It's Mokie

Level 6

The PAN show offers at least a silver American Eagle if you display your at their show. The best of show gets a 1/10th ounce gold coin.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Excellent information from a master. Good to know words from all.


Level 7

Not only great buys but learning is also big as you pointed out. Because of my physical condition I can't go. But when you guys go write about it. Thanks for a good blog . And thanks for the plug. I think its been to long it is time to write again about the tokens. Thanks for the push!


Level 5

No problem! I always enjoy your condor token blogs. I even found one for sale at the GNA show!

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