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14 May 2022

Three Ways To Search Through Coins In Circulation

Young Numismatists Exchange | thatcoinguy

Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Today I will be talking about finding coins valuable coins in circulation, and the three ways to do so. Let's jump right in!

1. The first way to find valuable coins in circulation is to look through your pocket change. This is a quick and easy way to do so, although you probably don't do many cash transactions nowadays so you probably don't handle much pocket change. This is a good way to find dates without much effort, although it won't give you as many results.

2. The second way to find valuable coins in circulation is to go to a bank and get some coins rolls. This is my personal favorite method. Going to your local bank and picking up some coins rolls is a great activity to do by yourself, or with your loved ones. It's a great activity for a rainy day, too! Getting coin rolls is nice because you search through a larger quantity of coins all at once, you search more coins than you would if you just looked through pocket change, and you would also find some pretty great stuff in just a few searches. Some common finds for me would be silver war nickels, wheat cents, silver half dollars, and NIFC small dollars (Sacajawea, Presidential, Native American, and Innovation).

3. The third way to find valuable coins in pocket change is by ordering boxes through your bank. This is a good solution if your bank doesn't really handle coins. This is also good if you don't want to walk out of a bank empty handed. You simply place your order, the bank calls when the box arrives, and you go pick it up! This gives you the largest possible quantity of coins to sort. There are some downsides, however. Some banks may charge you a fee for ordering boxes of coins, or they may just not let you order any boxes at all ("Sure! 'Coin shortage'. Riiiiiiiight.").

Thanks for reading this blog, and start searching!

Keep looking 👀,



Level 4

All great ways to hunt coins. I don’t know if I have the time for boxes, and banks can be stingy about boxes. Lol. I’ve been having some pretty good luck with the rolls I’ve been getting from local banks.


Level 5

With fewer cash exchanges it makes it quite hard.


Level 4

Great blog!


Level 6

Well done. All the hints are in one place. Thanks.


Level 7

If anyone has good tips its you!! You know what to look for. The other yns will learn. Thanks for the blog


Level 6

Nice info


Level 5

Don’t like that “coin shortage” we’re having. Good blog though!


Level 6

Good blog! All great ideas for collecting! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Good advise for all.

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