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23 May 2022

Tips For Exhibiting: Part Two

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Here's part two of exhibiting tips! Let's got right into it!

My fourth tip (picking up right where we left off) is concerning picking the right coins for your exhibit. I would suggest picking coins that you have at least three of because you will need more than one example in your exhibit. I learned from experience that you need just the right amount of coins to data, and I just didn't have enough coins. Don't make the same mistake as me.

My fifth tip is you need just the right topic. You want it to be specific, but not too specific, to score well on the judge's sheets. You don't want your topic to be "Lincoln Cents" because that is too broad. But you also don't want it to be "1943-P Lincoln Cents" because that is too narrow (as that is one singular coin). You might instead do "Lincoln Cents of 1943" because this includes three different coins (P-D-S). I would say the maximum amount of different date/mintmark combos you would want to be included in your exhibit would (in my opinion) be no more than fifteen. But you can make that number what you believe is best.

My sixth tip is to (once you have your basic topic) is to go ahead and start researching! I have found that a mixture of articles (The Numismatist is a great resource!), websites, and books are a perfect way to have a balance in your research. I would suggest jotting down notes of key information IN YOUR OWN WORDS while you read, and then transferring that into legible and pleasant-to-read text after you have gathered all of your data. I would suggest a minimum of five sources, although more is definitely better!

Keep collecting,



Level 5

Sounds like important tips for all wishing to exhibit.


Level 6

All great ideas! Thanks for sharing! ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Plus your Lincoln Cents of 1943 exhibit could also cover the bronze version and even discuss the patterns that were considered along with the zinc-coated steel we ended up with. (:


Level 5

Yup, if I had them. Lol. 😁

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice tip lesson. Like a master.

Good tips.


Level 7

Good advice. You will win your share


Level 6

Nice tips


Level 6

Good hints. I'm waiting for part three. Thanks.


Level 5

It’ll come out later this week, or next week at the latest.


Level 5

Don’t forget to site your sources!


Level 5

That was going to be a tip for part three, you beat me to it! 😁

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