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21 Apr 2022

Top Three Reasons You Should Start Saving Copper Cents

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From the all Lincoln Cents from 1909-1981 (and some from 1982) are 95% copper. It has been heavily debated over the years wether or not it is worth the cost to save copper cents. Here are the three reasons that got me saving my copper coinage.

1. Cents cost almost nothing. Dispute what some people might say, cents are worth very minimal value, and it is not a big deal to save them. Some people save nickels, but for me that is a little bit of a stretch, not to mention price tag. Cents are affordable to even YNs like me, and can be a big source of income to support our lovely hobby.

2. The amount of cents it takes to make an ounce of copper is a little less than 10 cents, but we'll just round down and say 10. This means that every dime you spend hoarding copper cents is now worth a little more than whatever an ounce of copper is worth when you are reading this blog (thanks for doing so, by the way). As of the time of publishing, an ounce of copper is worth $0.30. You have just tripled your money. Now, if you accumulated $25 worth of copper cents, you would have spent $25, but the copper value is actually $75. Big payday for a small investment!

3. Copper cents are easy to find. When I told my local bank teller she should save copper cents for me (there are some really nice tellers in my neighborhood that save me coins. This particular teller even found me a 1956-D silver quarter!) , she said, "All of them?" Copper cents are SO easy to find. Pocket change, rolls at the bank, Coinstar rejects... they are found everywhere. It takes almost no time to have a nice little accumulation.

Thanks for reading, and have a great National Coin Week! What have you guys been doing to celebrate? Anybody go to the convention?

Keep collecting,




Level 4

Hmmm maybe I should start saving those...

Long Beard

Level 5

I hoard everything!


Level 5

Haha! It does feel like that, doesn’t it?


Level 4

I personally hoard nickels and cents, but I do agree cents are cheaper and easier to hoard.


Level 5

That would take a lot of space to save every copper cent.


Level 6

Interesting subject! I knew one collector who had several 5 gallon buckets full of copper cents... ; )


Level 6

Ok, saved. Now what??


Level 7

It's all in the cents you collect! The date and condition. I found a 1909 V.D.B with an error! Most don't know about them. But there worth money. The 1909 MS 65 has finally moved up! Proof cents that grade MS 67 will pay. Has to be 67 because a 66 will drop it very low. So I did a blog on cents and the prices shocked me!. So yes there out there and well priced. Great blog my friend.


Level 6

The only trouble with $75 worth of copper is: It is against the law to melt it.


Level 4

Haha. Do you think the government is actually gonna do anything?


Level 5

Nice blog! See you (virtually) next month!

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