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16 Feb 2022

Update #17: Give Me A Home, Where The Buffalo Roam… IN FLORIDA!?

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

Today's update is kind of special, because it is the first update of 2022! 🥳 I just recently got back from a trip to visit some grandparents with @CheerioCoins. The first thing I did when I arrived in Florida was, you guessed it, head to the nearest bank. It was a local bank I had never heard of, but luckily my grandmother had an account there. I walked in, and asked for some coin rolls. Then, the teller asked what no teller had ever asked before: "Are you a coin roll hunter?" I said yes, and she informed me that she had a couple of coins roll hunters that would come in every now and then. That made me nervous, because that would mean the rolls I would get might be sorted and picked over already. But maybe they wouldn't be, or maybe I could find something they skipped over. I had brought $100 in cash with me, so I asked for a box of nickels. Usually, the banks don't have that many, but I always ask just in case. They said the had one box! Score! 😁

After buying the box and heading home, I checked the rolls to see what I had in store for me. They were customer wrapped, but looked circulated, so I was willing to give it a shot. I'm so glad I did. Here is what I found, and believe it or not, there was an average of more than one find per roll!
A 1935-P Buffalo nickel that was a nice surprise about half way through the box (Mintage of 58,264,000 which is kind of high for Buffalo nickels, but I'm just glad it had a date!

A 1940 Buffalo Nickel (Mintage 176,485,000)

Three 1941 Nickels (Mintage 203,265,000)

Two 1946 Nickels (Mintage 161,116,000). This was the year before a eight year period where the mints minted less than 100 million coins per year.

Three 1947 Nickels (Mintage 95,000,000)

One 1947-D Nickel (Mintage 37,822,000)

One 1948 Nickel (Mintage 89,348,000)

One 1949 Nickel (Mintage 60,652,000)

A 1951-S Nickel (Mintage 7,776,000)

A 1952 Nickel (Mintage 63,988,000)

A 1953-S Nickel (Mintage 19,210,900)

Two 1954-D Nickels (Mintage 117,183,060)

A 1954-S (Mintage 29,384,000)

A 1955-D (Mintage 74,464,100) I'm still looking for that semi-key 1955-P.

A 1956-D (Mintage 67,222,940)

A 1957 and two 1957-Ds (Mintages of 38,408,000 and 136,828,900)

I also found a bunch of other insignificant finds I won't mention because this blog is getting pretty long. I'm going to split this blog into two (or maybe even three) separate blogs. Just to keep you guys wanting more, there are more Buffalo nickels coming up, and maybe even the second silver find of the year!

Keep collecting,




Level 5

Nice when it works out that way!!!

amazing finds!


Level 4

Great finds. You could finish a jefferson nickel series!


Level 5

Ah stink, you beat me to silver this year! Congrats on your finds.


Level 5

I’ve already found a silver dime in a coinstar in early January, so this next coin will be my second!


Level 4

Finding coins with designs older than the ones we are used to is nice, that's why I like wheaties and buffaloes so much, they seem like a whole different coin.

Long Beard

Level 5

Outstanding finds in modern rolls. These don't show up in those amounts very often. What I've been doing for better than twenty years is releasing hundreds of old cents and nickels at random in the hopes the finder becomes a new collector. Often during my out of state travels. I'll never know, but when it does my goal was accomplished.


Level 5

Nice finds ! That 3 legged 1935 Buffalo is amazing! What are the chances of finding such a nice Buffalo nickel. Thanks for posting another search. Look forward to reading about the searches others are doing. Now back to the Buffalo! Did I get anyone? Made you look !


Level 6

You are on a roll! Coin roll... haha ; ) Keep up the great work! ; )


Level 5

Lol! 😆


Level 7

Your doing great!! Keep going!


Level 6

Way to go. two coin hunting brothers. Cool. Thanks.


Level 5

That was one great score! I hope you continue to keep up your luck!

AC coin$

Level 6

A Master hunter already taking another good one under his wing. A great student observer and intelligent and, congrats for your passionate path in Numismatics, so both of you will do great as numismatists ever. I admire you thatcoinguy for appreciating YN's and helping each of you. Great findings. Good teacher. 'Hope you guys enjoyed your nice trip.

It's Mokie

Level 6

SCORE!!!!! Nice to find buffaloes still roaming the rolls of America. Thanks for sharing all your awesome finds.


Level 5

SCORE is right! I had the coins in a row on the table, and right away I spotted the Buffalo reverse. I though it might be a dateless 20s at first because the reverse is a little worn for a 30s nickel, but sure enough, there the date was, plain as day.


Level 6

Keep hunting, there is a change to complete the series.

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