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26 Feb 2022

Update #18: Silver, W Quarter, Oh My!

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Hello fellow YNs and YNH!

It's great to be posting again. I had a lot of stuff going on this past week, but I am excited to tell you about some recent roll searching finds!

First of all, I hinted at a silver coin in my last update, and since this blog will mainly cover stuff NOT from that hunt, I figured I would juts tell you just so you know. It was in 30 rolls of customer wrapped nickels that I founnd a 1943-P silver nickel! My second silver of the year (my first was a 1964 dime in a coinstar). I also found a buffalo with an actual date (1923). It's really nice to be able to read the date on some older buffalos, esspecially ones found roll searching.

Now, on to the recent finds! I had a minor coin roll hunt with 16 machine wrapped quarter rolls on Feburay 19th. It looked like it wasn't going to be a great hunt with only a few minor DDRs and some die chips. But low and behold, the second roll to the end held a Marsh-Billings Rocherefeller 2020-W! It has somehing on the obverse that is somewhat diwtracting, but is otherwise in really good condition! All of the W quarters had 2 million coins of each design minted, so technecally none are rarer than others, but I have found this one is a little more commonly found in rolls! It is my second MBR design, and the first W quarter of 2022.

The next find(s) I think might have been a collection dump. I went to a new bank I had just discovered, and, as a habit, I asked if they had any half dollars. Ussually the answer is simply "No." and I have to get something else. But this time, they said "How many do you want?" So I drove home with $160 in half dollars!

The hunt was actually pretty good! I pulled out two proofs (a 1971-S and a 1999-S), but what I really wanted was silver. Half dollar rolls are kown within the roll searching community as being THE silver source. I had only found one prior, a sharpied 1967 40% silver half dollar. I searched... and searched... and searched. Nothing. The FINAL roll comes. I'm just about ready to give up, as I have NEVER found anything on the last roll. I dump the roll into my hand. One silver edge. TWO SILVER EGDES. THREE SILVER EDGES!? As I look through the roll, I keep finding more. Finally, when I'm done date hunting the half dollars, I have NINE silver half dollars in a neat stack on the table. Eight 40%ers, and one 1964 90% silver Kennedy half dollar. S. C. O. R. E! The dates are as follows:

One 90% 1964 Kennedy Half
Two 40% 1966 Kennedy Halves
Two 40% 1967 Kennedy Halves
Three 40% 1968-D Kennedy Halves
One 1969-D Kennedy Half

What a hunt! I also found a ton of NIFC halves (mainly 2006 P and D). But I also found a 2017-P and a 2015-D.

Check out the pictures, and hunt on.

Keep hunting,


P.S. My goal for silver this year was two ounces. I'm already at 1.73 ounces!


The most half dollars my bank has had has been $100


Level 4

Wow. When I ask at banks about half dollar rolls they just stare at me like I'm crazy. I don't think the banks here would ever give out $160 of any coin. Great finds!


Level 4

Score is right! Between the silver JFK halves, and 2020-W quarter, definitely a great hunt. Finds like this, is what makes you keep hunting, and going back for more. Appreciate you sharing your “pieces of eight,” with us.


Level 5

People still do not realize what they have.

I have found a couple of marsh-billing-w quarters


Level 5

Great pickups for your collection. I’m going to be adding some more Kennedys to my collection soon! I’ve also picked up some finds from those coin star machines that I will be sharing soon. Thanks for sharing!


Level 4

Nice finds. The best thing I've found so far is a 1940 wheatie. I have bad luck CRHing. I even found a W quarter, but can you guess where it was? In the center console of a car, in 20 quarter rolls I find nothing. I will post a blog about that.

CJ Collects

Level 2

Congrats on the finds! Sounds like you got yourself a great start to your goal of 2 ounces.


Level 6

Great finds! You are so good at roll hunting! An inspiration indeed! Good luck on your silver. I think you'll collect way over 2 oz's.


Level 5

Wow, I'm guessing those half dollars were customer wrapped? Sometimes that happens to me too-seems like it is going to be a dud of a hunt and then, in the very last roll (or one of the last rolls) pops out something great! Well, looks like you have a HUGE head start on me for silver this year--hopefully these dimes I'm getting next week pull off...


Level 5

Yup! They were customer wrapped. I wouldn’t worry about it, you’ll pass me in no time!

Long Beard

Level 5

Looking over what you've found, it would appear that someone either inherited those and has no desire to collect them, or they needed the money because of a hardship. Awesome!


Level 5

I know, right?!

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Great hunt congratulations,,, lots of shiny Kennedys my favorite quarters are the Ws. Great silver nickel find!!


Level 5

Nice lot of silver! I just got a lot of silver Kennedy’s myself. Nice proofs and W quarter too. Thanks for sharing!

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