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11 Jun 2022

Writing A Blog

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I have noticed over the past few weeks there have been an influx of new members coming in. Welcome! I have seen a few posts regarding how to write a good information blog, and I feel like I should put my

two cents *ba-dum chink* into the pool for future new members. Here’s just some of my thoughts.

I think the blogs I’m seeing that could be most improved to something like this: “The Franklin Half dollar was minted from 1948-1963. It was made at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints. The key date it the 1949-S. It has Franklin on the front, and the Liberty Bell on the back. Thanks for reading my blog.”

Ok, be honest. Who enjoyed reading that? Nobody! I think to improve your blog more, you need to put more information into your blog that rephrasing what the Red Book says (whether it was intentional, or not). Add more than just simple information! You could add that the Franklin Half Dollar was the first circulating US coin to have a living person that wasn’t a President? Just doing this will make you blog one million times better.

Also, don’t write your blog like you are writing bullet points. Write it in a casual, almost conversational tone! For instance, instead of writing, “ The Franklin Half dollar was made from 1948-1963. It was made at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco mints. It has Franklin on the front, and the Liberty Bell on the back” you could write, “The Franklin Half Dollar, which was minted from 1948 until 1963, was minted at the mints in Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. All three of these mints are still in operation today! On the obverse, the coin’s designer John Sinnock has created a bust of Franklin, with the profile facing left. On the reverse, the coin features a depiction of the Liberty Bell, along with a small heraldic eagle to the right. The eagle on the Franklin Half Dollar is the smallest eagle depicted on any US coin.” The second blog flows better that the first, and is a more enjoyable read.

Just some thoughts to consider next time you are writing your next blog.

Keep collecting,



AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Interesting blog .


Level 6

Interesting advise. I tend to agree with "thatcoinguy"... All blogs will not fit into a certain critique. ; )

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Good thoughts on writing a quality blog. We need to revisit this topic from time to time. Thank you. And, Please! Break out your paragraphs instead of the run on content. It really makes it easier to read

Long Beard

Level 5

Writing about coinage is the same as collecting them. We have all started out assembling them for more of a fascination than the many reasons behind them, simply put to quickly fill as many album holes as possible. In time we learn and that same collection improves two-fold as a direct result. No different than writing a blog about them as these will also improve over time as well. You do present a valid point none the less, which needs to be discussed from time to time.


Level 6

Cheerios is correct. If you don't have more than a few sentences to write then don't. Do more research to tell us more. Personal facts are fun. Nicely done coinguy. I also hope for a bit better quality blogs from some. Please. One a day is good. Two max..


Level 4

I like reading people’s personal connection to the coins/collections they are writing their blog about. All of us as numismatists have a certain reason/connection to what we collect. That tidbit of personal history, and what draws a person to that certain coin or set of coins, helps others better understand not just the history of that coin(s), but what he or she may not have known, seen, or felt before.


Level 7

Or even something like we would still be collecting the Franklin coins today if President Kennedy life was cut to short. Your on the money!. Thanks!


Level 5

Yeah, I feel people need to add more history to their blogs. Another thing is to make blogs longer. Not too long that it is boring but long enough to tell facts and history.


Level 5

Yeah, I'm just saying they shouldn't be less than 8 sentences, that's not going to get you anywhere with your blog.


Level 5

I feel like length does not determine quality. As long as people are learning, and the blogs aren’t one word, then I think it would be ok. It’s on a blog by blog basis.

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