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07 Mar 2015

my 1877 Indian rupee

| user_9080

Today, in my first blog post, I will be talking about a coin that my great grandmother had..
It is a very nice 1877 B Indian rupee, it is a type A / 2, fine details and a shroff marked edge. Besides it being a family coin, it is also special because it is the first coin i got graded from NGC, after i got my ANA membership.It has a queen on it and it says VICTORIA EMPRESS.It is alsospecial because it was there when the British where ruling India. I want to thank John P. from MCCA for encouraging me to write this blog.



Level 6

Great coin! A family heirloom too!

Congratulations on your first blog and for the family coin! Coin collecting is good for bringing families together.


Level 4

What a beautiful coin!! :D According to my research, 1877 was the first year these coins were minted (as Queen Victoria had just been officially declared "Empress of India"), so congratulations on having one of the "debut" models!


Level 7

Very nice coin. I like the fact that it was handed down to you.


Level 5


Nice coin!


Level 5

cool! I have a 1904 rupee.


Level 5



Level 5

Cool coin! And is has a great connection to your family and to your future as numismatist. Keep it going.

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