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12 Jan 2021

Box of Nickels

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I just finished hunting the box of nickels a little while ago, and here are the finds: 2 1943-P war nickels, a gold plated 2004, and the best find, a proof 1972-S. The first and second pics are the war nickels and the last pic is the proof, I will be hunting a penny box tomorrow, the next day, and the next day, and the next day lol, and I will make a blog what I find in each box. Thanks for reading, and see ya!



Level 3

Gold plated that is impressive.

Mike B

Level 7

You found a lucky spot. I would go there again in the future. Nice finds. Keep those eyes sharp.!!


Level 4

Believe me, I WILL!


Level 5

Nice finds, it always quickens the heart when a nice coin is found in a coin roll. Nice, Later!

I had similar finds with my last box of nickels. Congrats!


Level 4

Wow, 2 gold plates coins in back to back hunts. That's strange. You seem to be having a lot of luck with finding proofs in your hunts. Nice work!


Level 4

I have found four in total.


Level 5

Interesting fines!


Level 5

A couple war nickels are always nice. I am also amazed at how proof coins make their way into circulation? Maybe some dealers or collectors pop open low cost sets and let them loose? For coin week searches maybe. It wouldn't cost much to hunt through a bargain box at a coin show, and buy a few nice looking inexpensive coins. And then spend them for someone else to find. I had a stack of silver certificate dollars a while ago and used them for when they past the hat at the local ball field during baseball games. There were quite a few silver certificates floating around PA that summer, unless the concession stand found them !! I did it at almost every game.


Level 4

That is funny, and I think they mainly get into circulation because unknowledgeable people inheriting or finding coin collections and spending the contents, sometimes breaking open proof sets,


Level 5

Nice, I always wonder how those proofs got into circulation, especially the 68 and sooner ones with their hard cases. Love the war nickels as well, the only Silver you still find very very occasionally in circulation.


Level 4

Actually, I have found silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars, but I know what you mean.


Level 6

Nice finds. You should be very kind to your bank. Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great finds!

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