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07 Jun 2021

RARE ATB Quarter Found!| Coin Update #21

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Hello all and welcome to today’s blog!

First off, I am going to tell y’all about an awesome, rare coin that I found in 25 rolls of quarters, of $250 face value. The rare coin I found is an 2012-S (not proof) NIFC (Not Intended For Circulation) Puerto Rico quarter. With a mintage of only slightly over a million and a half, this coin comes in as one of the (Uncirculated) coin I have ever found! It is even rarer than the 9 W quarters that I have found so far, the mintage of those was two million.

Also, I am going to talk a little about the new 2022 red book and the updates that they made. I noticed a couple of things that they added, specifically the recent west point coins and a section about the upcoming quarter designs. They added the uncirculated, proof, and reverse proof 2019 west point pennies and 2020 west point nickels. Also, the finally added the 2019 and 2020 West Point America The Beautiful quarters for a value of $10 each. I find the section about future quarter designs fascinating, I honestly thought that they were going to make up designs as they went after the national park quarters and the state quarter series, but I was wrong. They have it all planned out! From 2022 to 2025 the quarter denomination will be used to commemorate prominent American women and the 19th amendment. In 2026, every coin denomination will be used to commemorate the semiquincentennial (250th anniversary) of independence! The dime will actually have a new design for the first time since 1948! From 2027 to 2030, quarters will have new reverse designs “emblematic of sports played by American youth.” Pretty exciting stuff!

PS Keep an out for another blog soon (hopefully tomorrow)! It is going to be about another awesome purchase of mine!

Until then, thanks a lot for reading this blog and have a great day! -CoinHunter

Source: 2022 Redbook



Level 5

It is neat to find the S version clad coin in circulation - they only came in rolls.

Long Beard

Level 5

Finding any 2012 coinage in circulation is a task. A proof even tougher.


Level 5

Very nice find. 2012 S is nice. Have not ordered a red book yet.


Level 4

Great find I honestly never new about this coin.


Level 5

Like Bama and LongStrider, thinks, I too am of the opinion that the "Jury is still out" on the new quarter designs! I've pre-ordered my 2022 Mega Red and received 10% off the price because I'm a ANA member, but got the book through Whitman. It's due out the middle of June they told me. Nice coin and nice blog, thanks for posting.


Level 6

Did you weigh it to verify the silver? I like your Lego's. Very cool.


Level 6

Great find on the Quarter! Not too keen on the "new" designs coming up in the future...


Level 6

How did you ever pick that quarter out? Nicely done. Good job on this blog. Sounds like a bunch of stupid, P.C. coinage coming out. Bring back the classics, like me.


Level 7

Good blog!. We're may I ask did you get this information on the quarter you found. ? I have not herd about them. I'm sorry I didn't find any quarter. They did make a proof. They made P.D.S. And a silver proof. I have the set. I have the same coin . It also says ATB . America the beautiful. Look at the edges it will tell you if it's silver!!The silver are smaller than the clad. That looks like a clad..The mintage was 1,680140. MS. 67 35.00.


Level 5

I will message you with the answer....

I. R. Bama

Level 5

To me sports played by kids is a very poor choice for a reverse design. It should be representative of our great nation, not celebrating kickball or hopscotch Great find on the quarter!


Level 5

Thanks so much!

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