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21 May 2021

Silver Galore!|Coin Update #19

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Hello all, and welcome to this weeks update!

Here is the layout of this blog. First off, I am going to talk about a recent coin hunt and the great finds. Second, I am going to talk about a numismatic win. Third, I am going to talk about some slabbed coins that I have accumulated recently.

Just yesterday (assuming you read this on may 21 2021), I went to pickup a long awaited order of coin boxes from my bank. I gave the teller $625 of my hard-earned money in exchange for one half dollar box (only my second), one nickel box, and one penny box. My hopes were that the half dollar box and nickel box would contain unsearched bank wrapped rolls and that the penny box would be brand new 2021 coins so I could sell them on Ebay (I recently listed with an extra box I had laying around, and it was purchased three days after I listed it for $50+tax+shipping and I made around 20 something on it), and surprisingly enough, that is exactly what I ended up getting! The day I picked the coins up, I hunted through entire the nickel box, and forced my self to stop after hunting half of the half dollar box, only to finish hunting it today. I will only tell you the highlights of the finds of the two boxes. In the nickel box, I found a really beat up dateless buffalo nickel that had an ancient piece of tape on the obverse (I nick-a-dated it [don't be mad] and found out that it is a 1924), a scratched 1944-P War nickel, and a cool 2020-P Nickel with a strike-through error (I think). In the half dollar box, I found two 40% silver half dollars, a really lustrous 1966 and a 1967.

As for the win, around a week ago, I received the most recent issue of CONECA's publication: the ERRORSCOPE. I flipped through it till I found the YN competition section, and found out that if I simply completed a crossword and word search puzzle with error/variety terms (it was actually pretty hard) and was one of the first 3 to turn it in, I would win a cool variety! Turns out, I won second place, and the prize was an XF 1951-S/S RPM-001, it also came with some extras including a blank planchet, an unattributed 1960-D RPM (I figured out that it is a RPM-084) and a cool pin.

I recently received two new slabbed coins for my collection and registry set, a MS-66 1943-S war nickel, and a PF-69 Yosemite ATB Quarter. I would appreciate it if you checked out my registry set here is a link: https://www.ngccoin.com/registry/competitive-sets/334324/

Enjoy the pics, and thanks for reading this blog!



Level 5

Exciting treasure hunt.

Long Beard

Level 5

Selling on EBAY is a great way to increase profit. I use to pick up new rolls at face value, list them at .50 for a P & D and charged $1.00 shipping. That's a huge profit on two-cents even with the fees. Sold hundreds a month. It got to be too much of a hassle cutting into my busy day so I stopped. Perhaps I'll begin again?

It's Mokie

Level 6

Sounds like you have had an excellent week, Congrats on the CONECA win, they do an outstanding job supporting YNs.


Level 6

You are doing a great job! You find all kinds of cool stuff! After awhile you have to stop looking as I don't know about you, but my eyes get too tired. Thanks for a fun blog. ; )


Level 6

Way to do it. Buy a box and sell the cherry ones. Then you return the box. Repeat. No outlay of money. I also enjoy roll searching. Great find on the error and others. Great hint on the Error Scope. One can find Excellent articles in the magazine, Shameless Plug. Thanks and good luck.


Level 5

Very nice finds. Really nice to hear about what your finding. Keep it going !

Nice finds. Can't wait for the pictures!


Level 7

The fun is in the hunt. For the amount you spend you can save that and buy a nice investment coin. Or a special coin you have always wanted. I saved up and bought a Three legged Buffalo Nickel. I always wanted one. My friend gave me a push and I got it yesterday. Like his there beautiful.It's And ebay doesn't have many left . It's just a idea. We buy what we want and hunt what we want Makes this hobby great. I also am waiting for the pic's!!

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