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15 Jan 2021

Penny Box #1 and #2 Finds

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HI! I just wanted to let you guys know that I hunted the first of the four boxes of pennies on Wednesday earlier this week and I didn't make a blog about what I found because I didn't find anything very cool but nevertheless here are the finds: 13 wheats (including one 1936, but it is bent up and dug up), 10 2009s, 8 S mints, 4 Canadians (including 1 1964 Young Head), a 1964 that I am pretty sure is a proof, and lastly, 6 1969-D Floating Roof Errors (This was the first hunt that I looked for them) I also am going to list the the finds of the #2 box which I hunted yesterday: 6 wheats (including a 1919 in the very first roll, and a 1939-S which I need for my folder!), 3 2009s, 3 Canadians, 2 S Mints, 1 dime, two 1969-D Floating Roof Errors, and the best of Both boxes, a 1979-D Rim Cud Error, these two boxes are a good example of "Quality over quantity". Thanks for reading and I will let you know what I find in the last two boxes.

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