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18 Jan 2021

Penny boxes #3 and #4 and overall wrap-up

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Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you what I found in boxes #3 and #4 and give you an overall wrap-up of the hunt. So, the finds for box #3 are as follows: 8 wheat pennies, 5 2009s, 4 S mints, and lastly 5 Canadians. For box #4 the finds are as follows: 7 wheats including one 1920, 6 2009s, 6 S Mints, and lastly 6 Canadians including one 1961 YoungHead. So now, time for the final results of the entire hunt for the four penny boxes: 34 wheats including a 1919, 1920, two 1936s, and a 1939-S (which I need for my folder!), 24 2009s, 18 S Mints, 18 Canadians including 2 YoungHeads, Bermudan 1 cent foreign coin (with the Wild boar on the reverse), one dime, and the best find of the hunt, a 1979-D with what appears to be a large rim cud. Thanks for reading, enjoy the pics, and have a great day!Your fellow collector, CoinHunter

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