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25 Feb 2021

Coin Roll Hunting Update

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Hello fellow coin enthusiasts!A few days ago in my blog I mentioned that I had gotten $300 in Quarters and $150 in Dollar coins and I said I would let you guys know what I found, sorry it took so long, but here is, finally, what I found. Let's start with what I found in the quarters. First and foremost, I found a 2020 V75 W Weir Farm Quarter, this is great because I now have 5 2019/2020 W quarters with unique designs that I have found. Secondly I found a 1999 Proof Delaware Quarter, I almost missed this coin because it was so circulated and dirty, I wiped it lightly with my thumb (don't be mad, it is really beat up and basically not worth anything more than face) to bring out the proofyness (new word!). And lastly I found a foreign coin, a 1987 cayman islands coin. Now for what I found in the dollar coins, first of all I found 4 NIFC Presidential dollars, a P&D set of Franklin Roosevelt, a Harry S. Truman D, and a Type 2 Grover Cleveland P. I also found three Native American Sacagawea dollars, a 2010-D, 2012-P, and the newest, a 2017-P, I also found three NIFC Sacagawea dollars, 2 2005-Ps and a 2005-D. Now, with that out of the way, I also want to let you know what I found in a penny box that ended up being one of the most profitable boxes I have ever hunted. First and foremost, I found a 1960-D/D RPM-001, it looks insane and is in crazy nice condition, making it worth around $12-$15 dollars. I also found what I believe is a 1994 WDDR-003, I am not completely sure though. Next I found what seems like it is some sort of 1972 DDO, but it is pretty much only doubled on the date (some help on this one would be highly appreciated). Next I found another clipped planchet, (I have only found 1 previously) it is a 1971-D and it is very minor. Next I found a 1960-D and a 1973-D that both have some sort of die crack of lamination error. As a side note, I found a record (for me) of 15 wheat pennies, and as an extra bonus one of them is a 1938, which I need for my collection. Thanks for reading this blog and enjoy the massive amount of pictures!

10 Feb 2021

My coin collecting/coinrollhunting journey

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Howdy fellow collectors!

18 Jan 2021

Penny boxes #3 and #4 and overall wrap-up

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Hi guys! Today I am going to tell you what I found in boxes #3 and #4 and give you an overall wrap-up of the hunt. So, the finds for box #3 are as follows: 8 wheat pennies, 5 2009s, 4 S mints, and lastly 5 Canadians. For box #4 the finds are as follows: 7 wheats including one 1920, 6 2009s, 6 S Mints, and lastly 6 Canadians including one 1961 YoungHead. So now, time for the final results of the entire hunt for the four penny boxes: 34 wheats including a 1919, 1920, two 1936s, and a 1939-S (which I need for my folder!), 24 2009s, 18 S Mints, 18 Canadians including 2 YoungHeads, Bermudan 1 cent foreign coin (with the Wild boar on the reverse), one dime, and the best find of the hunt, a 1979-D with what appears to be a large rim cud. Thanks for reading, enjoy the pics, and have a great day!Your fellow collector, CoinHunter

15 Jan 2021

Penny Box #1 and #2 Finds

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HI! I just wanted to let you guys know that I hunted the first of the four boxes of pennies on Wednesday earlier this week and I didn't make a blog about what I found because I didn't find anything very cool but nevertheless here are the finds: 13 wheats (including one 1936, but it is bent up and dug up), 10 2009s, 8 S mints, 4 Canadians (including 1 1964 Young Head), a 1964 that I am pretty sure is a proof, and lastly, 6 1969-D Floating Roof Errors (This was the first hunt that I looked for them) I also am going to list the the finds of the #2 box which I hunted yesterday: 6 wheats (including a 1919 in the very first roll, and a 1939-S which I need for my folder!), 3 2009s, 3 Canadians, 2 S Mints, 1 dime, two 1969-D Floating Roof Errors, and the best of Both boxes, a 1979-D Rim Cud Error, these two boxes are a good example of "Quality over quantity". Thanks for reading and I will let you know what I find in the last two boxes.

12 Jan 2021

Box of Nickels

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I just finished hunting the box of nickels a little while ago, and here are the finds: 2 1943-P war nickels, a gold plated 2004, and the best find, a proof 1972-S. The first and second pics are the war nickels and the last pic is the proof, I will be hunting a penny box tomorrow, the next day, and the next day, and the next day lol, and I will make a blog what I find in each box. Thanks for reading, and see ya!

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