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15 Feb 2021

My First Ebay Coin Purchase

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After much frustration with trying to make this a forum thread, I have decided to make it a blog. Hi guys! I just ordered my first Ebay coin purchase for a total of $26+tax. I ordered the following coins: a NGC MS-66 1955-S Lincoln Cent ($14), a dateless off-center Lincoln Cent ($7.50), and a P&D set of the new H.W. George golden dollars. I haven't received the coins and I downloaded the images from Ebay so please forgive the very low quality images, I will update this blog with better ones when I receive the coins. How do you think I did? I think I did pretty good. As a side note, the NGC 1955-S MS-66 Lincoln Cent is my first third-party graded coin, and I already made a NGC registry set that I am going to add it to. Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

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