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08 Mar 2022

Woo-Hoo! More Silver Found! | Coin Update #50

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Hello all!

Well, this blog is quite a milestone, it is my 50th update blog!

So, in this blog I’m going to be sharing the finds of a box of nickels and a box of dimes. I know I said in my last blog that I would be getting a second dime box and a cent box-but I didn’t have quite enough money in my account when I went to get the coins in order to get everything that I had ordered—so I’m going to pick the second dime box up sometime later. As far as the cent box goes, cents take much longer to hunt as I end up looking at about 3/4 of them for varieties (which you can probably imagine takes a long time)-so I’ll update you guys on its finds in my next blog once I get it completely searched (I will say I did a cool ender in it!). Also, I have two more GreatCollections wins that I’ll also be saving for the next blog.

Alright, so let's start with the find of the dime box. So, this box actually ended up being circulated which was great (it took much longer than the last box I got [which if you remember was almost completely brand new] as I didn’t really have to do anything but look at the edges and dump the roll in a box to wrap up later) I was going through the rolls, finding nothing besides the occasional 2009 and a Canadian cent, when in the 5th to last roll, I was surprised by a super-thick blast-white edge. What could it be? At first I thought that maybe I was a silver foreign coin, but once I pulled it out I realized it was my first ever silver proof! It was a well-circulated 2011-S that must have been pulled out of a silver proof set and spent by an unknowledgeable person years ago. It is my second silver dime found this year and my third silver coin found this year.

Next, the nickel box find(s). Well, this box had a surprise right out the door. The VERY first roll had a 1942-s war nickel in it. This is cool because I have never found an S mint war nickel previously. This is my second silver nickel of the year and my fourth silver coin of the year.

I’m still way behind @CheerioCoins and @thatcoinguy on silver this year, but I’m making a bit of a comeback lol.

Anyways, keep an eye out for my next blog which as I said will hopefully include the finds of a penny hunt and two purchases.



Level 7

I can't believe your finds. You have the passion for this hobby. Don't loose it.


Level 5

WOW! Silver proof has been on my “to find” list for as long as I can remember, but no luck so far. Awesome! Nice silver, especially on the first roll! Don’t worry, you’ll catch up to @CheerioCoins and I because we don[t sort as often as you do. We just got lucky with those silver half dollar “hoards”. Can’t wait to hear what you find next!


Level 5

Those are some great finds for sure. I recently purchased 4 three pound bags of “wheaties”! Going to do a little hunting as well. Thanks for sharing your finds!


Level 5

Let us know if you find anything cool! You are welcome sir.


Level 4

Good job. Silver proofs are great. You get silver and a proof. Nice finds my friend.


Level 5

Thank you.


Level 6

Cool war nickel! Really nice finds! ; )


Level 5

Thanks a lot!

AC coin$

Level 6

Great hunt in such a find of a WWII nickel type S which is rather valuable nowadays. Another great find of your 2011 silver dime, because that's a lucky one. You don't get them anywhere... Great coin hunt, You know that I admire those who go coin hunting this way.

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