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01 Feb 2023

A New Road

| It's Mokie

My numismatic journey is taking a new path. For the longest time, I was flailing about, buying what caught my eye for the moment with no real direction or even purpose. I happen to like Peace Dollars and Mercury Dimes best among all U.S. coins. As an aside, I recently saw an articles title on a news website that finished with "the US" referring to the United States. I thought it was extremely sloppy to omit the periods. But then that is just me.

Anyway, back to my point. Instead of focusing on those two series and amassing the best possible examples in both sets, I just bought was needed to fill the old Dansco without a thought to quality. As I get older and as mortality starts rearing its inevitable head, I have now decided to sell the bulk of my collection and reinvest in better coins. That will both please my collector heart and make things easier when my collector heart stops beating.

I recently visited my favorite coin shop with a large box of slabs, sets, and other misc. things to start that journey. I figured I could get better returns going the online sales route but that takes time and patience, neither of which I have ever had in abundance. Luckily, the owner of the shop (along with his Brother and Sister) is a friend and a family I have traded with since I started collecting way back in 1968. To make a long story tolerable, I sold my coins, reaped a few thousand dollars and purchased two new things. The first of which is the quarter you see pictured, a 1930 MS64 FH Standing Liberty Quarter, I also purchased a 1921 MS64 Peace Dollar but that, we suspect, may reholder as a MS65 so it is being sent directly to PCGS for their consideration. That leaves me with a pot of money to use at the May PAN show or beyond.

I have already put together another box of coins to take to Blaine for his offer. Since I also have significant foreign coin holdings I plan on taking some of those Canadian coins to the RCNA show in July and other foreign including some of my chopmarked coins to the ANA WFM in August. I am looking to add a Fine 1916D Mercury Dime, a VG 1795 Silver Dollar, an MS Bust Half Dollar, an XF/AU 1909S VDB Cent plus more. All of this should reduce my collection by a couple hundred coins while adding just 6. I like that idea. Have any of you started planning for your demise? I know, kind of grim, but I am perfectly healthy. (:



Level 5

Happy to see you making a healthy transition in your collecting life. Its hard to change but I think you are taking the downsizing pretty well. And as a perfectionist, in a way, I'm happy to see you focusing on quality and devoting your energy into one set and making it the best , highest quality set it can be! -fodder


Level 5

That quarter is amazing! Sad to hear you’re downsizing your collection, but it sounds like you’ll also be picking up some amazing coins!

Long Beard

Level 5

I myself ponder that very thought. Not with great frequency mind you, just that taxes are the only other inevitable of life. To which part I bring up due to the inheritance which would be owed from my heir. So reduction may be in order, if the hoarder in me could only do so. Anyhow, I like the new approach you've taken.


Level 5

Interesting, I'm considering doing to my collection what you started for yours. I'm putting it out to my kids to claim whatever they want. And my daughter has laid claim to the entirety of my Laura Gardin Fraser collection. While I am living, I plan to give my kids their inheritance and go on from there.


Level 6

I really enjoyed your blog! I know...right... When is the right time to start to liquidate? Keep the collections that really mean something to you and sell the rest...And, yes, buy something else that you have really wanted. Great idea! Good luck with your new plan! ; )


Level 5

Feeling the same way Mokie. Time for me also to sell the miscellaneous stuff that I have accumulated and keep a few favorites. I know a dealer from PAN show that I will approach and begin the process. Also maybe the local dealers.

I am doing the same thing to get a 1909-S VDB cent!


Level 6

Sounds like a good plan, been thinking along the same lines


Level 7

I had mentioned this to long strider about selling my collection. Not the good coins worth large amounts but the rest of the set. This way I have a head start on exactly what your doing. I have been lucky. Im collecting gold now. My set of slabed Franklin's all prof 69 I will sell and many others.I really don't understand the coins I bought when I started.Some are worth allot. They stay. The problem I have no one in my state that's right state that will come to me. To expensive to mail . to heavey. And of course no tax.that will save both of us. And the mailing back and forth. It will come to me. I hope you have great success. I like what your doing!. And I nave a trust problem. That's why mailing is bad.Wish you the best!!


Level 6

You are maybe the third guy I know that has started doing this in the last 2 months. I didn't get the memo. Yet. I hope you got a High relief '21 peace Dollar. I can't imagine selling my hoard on line. You went the correct way. You picked up some nice coins there. I also am a fan of chop marked coins. Don't sell the CSA half buck, I think it is. Well good luck on your new quest. I like your blog.

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