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20 Oct 2022

PAN Show First Day Summary

| It's Mokie

"In My Own Words"

It was a wonderful first day at the October PAN coin show. I started organizing the KidZone table about two hours before the doors opened and lo and behold our good friend GOLFER suddenly appeared bearing numerous good bags and a cool treasure chest full of coins for our table. Golfer also helped me fill our KidZone registration bags (50 in all) and did a number of other things to make my job so much easier. It proves to me that my fellow members of the ANA Website Blogosphere are truly awesome people.

The big fun begins on Saturday when we Cover three tables with Lincoln Cents (for the YNs to search through), hand out those aforementioned registration bags, give out lots of other cool swag, and finally have our 50 lot KidZone auction. I am also going to premier my presentation "Coin Collecting for Beginners" to hopefully a large group of newbies.

Since I was a bit busy, I hit the bourse only twice, the first time to visit the ANACS booth with my submissions, and the second time to put a down payment on a sweet Hudson NY Commemorative Half Dollar and buy an equally sweet Texas Commemorative Half Dollar. That will be it for me, on the buying side but I am truly truly looking forward to working the KidZone, seeing Golfer, seeing Long Beard, and seeing I.R. Bama.

I will give you all an update on our Saturday shenanigans, Hope to see you all here in Pittsburgh this summer when the World's Fair of Money visits.

PS- The picture of our KidZone table was taken after most of the items were stored away, the big chest you see on the left side of of the table was brought by Golfer and contains hundreds of nicely presented coins for our PAN show visitors.



Level 6

Cuz M, This looks wonderful! Beautiful Texas Commemorative! Have a great time and keep us in the "loupe"..... haha ; )


Level 5

Mokie is awesome. Looking forward to kidzone Saturday. PAN and Mokie have a great day planned for the YN's. Will be a lot of happy YN Saturday. The Halloween bags with random numismatic items are real nice !


Level 6

That is a very cool TX coin. I want one as well. Thanks for all the work you guys do. Have a good time.


Level 5

That Texas commemorative is a sweet coin! I'm surprised that it hasn't been slabbed! I've had a few e-mail conversations with Richard Jewell. In them, he's invited me to this show. I can't get there for the fall show this year, but because of his invitation, I have an "itch" for the spring show and, of course, the ANA. Since I'm already a member of PAN, maybe I can help with those shows! Me and you in the kid-zone? It could happen! Of course, those are far off, and things could change, but if I don't plan now, it's not going to happen,

It's Mokie

Level 6

I had actually taken 13 raw commemoratives to the ANACS table earlier in the day. So if I had that Texas commemorative at the time, it would have been the perfect time. Oh well, maybe at the May show. I did put a deposit on a Hudson commemorative that is slabbed by PCGS at MS63. That is a pretty rare one so super happy I got a good deal. I really hope you can make it in May. We have invited the Legacy Knights Kids back again and I am sure Golfer will also be in attendance. What a sweet thought Gary, Golfer, and Old Moke all working the KidZone table together. (:


Level 7

I knew you guys would take over! Great job for the kids. Its things what Gopher and you do that keeps there interest! Thanks for the update. Keep them coming!! I would give anything to be there with my friends. I love that coin. Like Gary said it should be slabed to protect it. Long Beard is going and Bama. What a crew that is!! Like I said I would love just to help. .Being a member of P.AN.I nave the same feelings.


Level 6

Sounds like a good time.

Long Beard

Level 5

I'll most certainly swing by on Saturday morning. As for the Texas commemorative, lucky dog you! As a top three for me it's on my shopping list as well. The design is truly stunning. You did very well on that one, pal.


Level 4

Thanks for the update, and keep us posted on the "shenanigans," at the PAN show.

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