Type Dime Collection - In Capital holder

04 Nov 2018

This is a type dime collection I put together for fun, it will be housed in a Capital Holder for type dimes. 4 of the dimes were purchased from Ebay while the Mercury Dime was sourced from a bag of Mercury Dimes that do not add up to a roll yet. I think it is very enjoyable to have some coins that can easily be displayed on your desk or curio cabinet. I tried to also get them to have similar grades so they kind of match all across the board. I would put them all at Fine or VF.



Level 5

The Bust Dime is very pretty for it’s age!

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice!!!!! Loved your 1945 liberty....... THANKS my friend....


Level 5

I need to put some coins out for display. I have a few that I could use. I should make a shelf on one of my bookcases for a coin display. A type set of dimes is really nice.


Level 4

They all are in pretty good shape.


Level 5

the bust dime is really nice!


Level 5

Those all look really good!


Level 5

This kind of collecting is very interesting to me. So are these 5 dimes the only kind that were ever made? This may be something I will have to look into! Great post Malcolm ! Thanks for sharing. Charlie

It's Mokie

Level 6

No, There was an earlier dime from 1796 to 1807 that had flowing hair like the Bust Dollar but it is very expensive as you can imagine.

Type is a great way to collect. Nice collection!

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Nice fun type set.

Doug S.

Level 4

Very nice. set Great photos

I love type sets. Right now, I'm working on a (mostly small cents) Cent type set. I have an 1838 large cent, 1887 indian head, and, of course lincoln cents. (shield, memorial, and wheat) Right now, I'm trying to get an affordable flying eagle cent.


Level 4

A beautiful collection !


Level 7

Nice set . People don't realize there are so many ways to collect. Maybe it will catch on. Mike.


Level 6

These are all beautiful! Great examples!


Level 6

Nice, all the basic types. Good looking coins too

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