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28 Jan 2021

Here I am

| user_Bill1713

Just joined, can't wait to take advantage of all the membership benefits.



Level 4

Greetings, enjoy the learning!!!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Welcome!! You're going to love it here!!


Level 7

Welcome to the best hobby in the world. If you have any questions just ask any of the active memebers. We would be glad to help you get started!!


Level 5

Welcome to the site, hope to hear from you again soon, let us know what coins you collect, or wish to collect. It's fun to hear about other collections passions. Again, welcome!


Level 6

Welcome to our wonderful web-site! Hope you enjoy the ANA! Lots of great people and information here! ; )


Level 6

Welcome to our little place on the web..🐍


Level 5

Hey buddy. Welcome to the ANA. Blog all you want and learn all you want. It is a endless pool of knowledge out there. CF

the coin guy

Level 4

welcome to the ANA! I hope you will enjoy it here

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great! Glad you are here! Welcome.. tell us more about you and your interests ...


Level 3

Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

walking liberty

Level 4

hello! glad you are here and like TheNumisMaster i am also very active and here to help


Level 5

Welcome!!! We are happy to have you. Feel free to contact me any time, I am very active on the site (: Cya 'round!


Level 5

Welcome, don't forget to join CONECA!


Level 5

Welcome to the coin community! If you have problems with anything, just let one of us know


Level 5

Welcome to the ANA and blog area. Many interesting numismatic topics.

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