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09 Feb 2021

Online Dealers & Auctions

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It's has been a little over a year that the world has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and like many other people I have turned to Ebay to continue my efforts in this wonderful hobby. My local coin shop is open, but is often busy with people buying or selling all sorts sliver (in all its forms). The shop just doesn't have the inventory for the type of coins I'm looking for. The shop has plenty of low grade stuff, and some high end stuff, but is lacking in the middle of the road coins.
I have had success buying a few coins on Ebay, but it makes me very nervous. You never know what you are going to get. I'm asking this great community if they have any general tips for buying online or could even recommend a online dealer.



Level 5

Just look for ebay dealers who have 99% positive feedback or so, and you should be able to find a good listing


Level 5

Never bought from ebay


Level 5

The information provided says all, please let us know how it goes, we are all interested when someone grabs a deal, or nice coin!


Level 6

I have some online guys I use but it's a secret. On eBay make sure to use Pay Pal and the seller has tons of positive feedback and a return policy that works. Good luck. Not many good deals out there now. Thanks.


Level 3

Thanks again for all the advice.


Level 5

I use eBay as my main source of numismatic items. I just make sure the coin is (usually) graded and slabbed, the price isn't too good to be true, and the seller accepts returns. If the boxes are all checked, its okay, and I buy the coin. I have bought over 50 items off eBay, and have never been burned. Good luck!

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Dear Bill 1713, I have had good luck buying from various dealers in the Numismatic News. I don't know if i'm missing something on the grades, but I've been satisfied. And I don't buy slabbed. I have no relationship with any of the following, but I have purchased from Tom Waggoner, Steve Musil, Huntington Stamp and Coin, Aurora Coin, and the Coin Depot. Again I may not be the most knowledgable, but I'm trying. That's my two cents. Stay Safe, Mr. B


Level 6

I have had good luck on eBay. Be sure to check out the sellers comments from their buyers. Also I always pay through "PayPal", which has buyers protected. Good luck!


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Same here with advice. EBAY has treated me well 100 % of the purchases. My last purchase almost stopped the good luck streak, but I finally got what I ordered. I have seen a few other online coin auctions and plenty of dealers. I think your odds of getting a bad deal are low. But it only takes that one time you get ripped off to tick you off to everyone. My best advice is to know the protections that the site offers. Read the rules and know how to file a complaint or a protest. Know that your credit card company will help also. Online dealers are listed in the Numismatist. I would start with a few from the ANA magazine. Plenty of well known dealers are out there selling everything you could want.


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Awesome. Thank everyone for their feedback.


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I have no dealers no clubs. I have collected for 27 years and have a wonderful collection. I use pay pal. No interest for six months. I have got some good deals on line at the coin vault. EBay I have won some great auctions. Make sure you check his feed back. Make sure his rating is100%. EBay has a guarantee polixy. A seller sent the wrong coin. They contacted the seller and the right coin was on the way. . Never had a problem with ebay. They protect you. But please check the seller. I always send a message saying you have some nice coins. Develop a conversation with them. It works!!. The arrangement I have will be different than others with pay pal. The Coin Vault has just about everything cents and so on. Give it a look!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I have had fair luck with an online auction. The only problem is that you probably will pay close to retail for the coin. No gigantic deals to be had

walking liberty

Level 4

I dont usually buy on Ebay but here are my tips. Make sure the seller has good ratings and if they have bad ones read them because it might provide good info about the seller. Second, do not buy from a seller that has no returns on a high-end item, but if it is a bad item like a couple of wheat cents for 2 bucks then I would take the chance. Third, do not buy a coin that the picture is a stock photo because chances are they are gonna send something else or nothing at all. those are my tips for buying but you can use them anywhere. best of luck WL

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