28 Jan 2021

Working on a birth year set for my grandparents. 1920, 26, 28, and 29.



Level 7

Great collection. I like the capitol holders.


Level 5

That would be a great idea for my grand kids ! Make a set of birth year sets for all their great grand parents and birth years. Then label them with the names of their great grand parents. What a great way to remember them and honor them. I should do a birth year set of my grand parents and include a picture of them with the coin set. Glad I stopped in to see your collections. I could do myself and wife, were the grandparents, then do great and great great grand parents. Might be pricey so I will start from grand parents !


Level 3

That is exactly my thoughts. I want to buy a small metal label with their names and birth dates on it. I built the wooden holder and then thought of the labels. When I move on to my wife's grandparents, I'm going to adjust the design to accommodate the label. Depending on the year it can be pricy, so I had to sacrifice the quality on some of the coins to stay within budget. It's also nice that they are not slabbed, so they can be taken out, looked at and held.


Level 5

That's really cool! I was considering starting on of those sets, for World War II


Level 3

Thank You, I have been going to my local coin shop. I would like to find a reputable place online that sells mid to lower end coins. To keep everything affordable I'm trying to get all the coins for any given year for $100-$125.


Level 4

That is a good idea. You have some nice coins.


Level 6

Great start! You have some nice coins there. ; )

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